April 6, 2016 12:21 pm


Ladies, it’s time to step up your protein game.

Now we know what you’re thinking, ‘Aren’t protein powders just for body building men? And will adding them to my smoothies/food make me… Bulky?’

The answer is no and NO! Adding a scoop of high quality, plant based and organic protein to your morning shake or porridge will not only help you build lean muscle – but also keep you feeling fuller for longer, meaning you won’t be so tempted in to that mid morning snack attack.

We do however recommend being clever about which kinda protein you choose! Sure, there are powders out there that are designed for men who are trying to bulk – which are obviously not going to be as beneficial for us. Instead – look for a protein that derives from pea, hemp or brown rice as these are all super digestible yet loaded with body fueling goodness to really boost your morning! Just ensure they don’t have any added sugars or artificial sweeteners… You’re sweet enough as it is, girl.


With demanding work schedules and looming deadlines – it’s pretty easy to forget about the importance of taking the time to prepare yourself a nourishing breakfast to kick start your day.

We get it – it’s not always possible to rustle yourself up a hotel buffet worthy feast every morning, but that’s not to say you can’t be prepared and make something the night before to quickly grab before you leave the house!

Make an energising bowl of DELICIOUSNESS by soaking 40g rolled oats (or buckwheat/quinoa flakes for a total gluten free option) with enough almond milk to cover, a pinch of cinnamon, a spoonful of yoghurt and any nuts/seeds/fruit you like and stir well before placing in the fridge to set overnight. The final result? A heavenly ‘dessert for breakfast’ that will keep you feeling full right up to lunch – with out any prep necessary. You could even take them to work with you… Just place them in a jar and you’re good to go!


Say goodbye to store bought sliced bread that has a questionable shelf life made possible by all the extra additives and chemicals to give that soft and doughy consistency. The truth is is that bread just ain’t what it used to be – and the kind that is so readily available in shops now could be the root of many health problems in the UK – from obesity, to digestive stress such as IBS).

If you’re a lover of toast in the AM to pair with your coffee, go for a good quality loaf made from rye flour, spelt flour or sourdough. These are firstly much lower in gluten – therefore easier for our bodies to digest. They’re also ancient grains that pack a hell of a lot more nutrients that refined wheat flour… Meaning the chances of that post breakfast bloat won’t be quite so high! For extra points, try slathering them with a palm oil free nut butter, banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon for the ultimate power breakky.


You’ve heard us say it before – and we’ll continue to say it again and again: Coconut oil is the way forward!

Not just amazing for slathering on your skin for the ultimate deep moisturiser, this wonder product is made of medium chain fatty acids – meaning it stores as energy as opposed to fat in your body. It has also been linked to improving heart health, give a glowing complexion and keep hunger at bay (to name a few of it’s fabulous benefits) – so having a spoonful first thing is a pretty good way to nourish your bod right!

Go bulletproof by adding a spoonful to your coffee, or use it as a butter replacement on your toast. We also love to add a teaspoon to our porridge or smoothie to give a delicious creamy consistency!


If you’re going to eat fruit for breakfast, try going for a low sugar option to ensure you blood sugar levels don’t spike soon after eating. Grapefruit is our go to for kicking off the day, as it is not only super hydrating – but also has an alklaising effect on the body; aiding digestion and firing up the metabolism for the day!

Try having half a grapefruit before your breakfast along with some warm lemon water to boost your complexion and show your gut some serious love. Trust us: When you feel the benefits, you’ll know exactly what we mean!

What are your fave ways to start your day?

Leave a comment – we’d love to get some pointers from our fabulous health loving Filmorites! X