April 7, 2015 1:20 pm

We bring good news, Filmorites.

All our lives we’ve been dreaming of a product that can sweeten our foods and smoothies without any of the badness. We want something that can satisfy our sweet tooth whilst providing all the superfood goodness our bodies thrive off in order to maintain our wellness warrior-esque health!

‘A sweetener that contains no form of sugar, glucose or fructose? Pffttt, you’re livin’ in a dream world!’ you might be thinking…

But we’re here to tell you that we have found it. We have discovered a powder that is indeed, one HELL of a superfood.

Ladies and gents, we would like to introduce you to our body’s new best friend… lucuma powder.

Pronounced loo-koo-ma, this fabulous fruit powder is also known as ‘nature’s caramel’. Yep, that’s CARAMEL – with the benefits. Hallelujah!

Derived from a subtropical fruit grown native to Peru, Chili and Ecuador (basically, vitamin D central), the lucuma fruit looks like an avocado on the outside and a mango on in the inside. As for the taste, think a cross between creamy sweet potato and sweet maple syrup… so, pretty much the ultimate love child of all our favourite foods!

Wondering what’s so good about it? Time to swat up on the top health facts about lucuma!

Considering its sky high levels of vitamins and minerals, lucuma is the ultimate nutritional powerhouse – perfect for your daily dosage of pure goodness. Think potassium for a healthy heart, magnesium for relaxing those muscles, phosphorus for good hormone balance and calcium for strong bones and teeth. Phew!

Want glowing skin? (Uhh, stupid question)… Dose up on lucuma, the ULTIMATE skin nourisher. It’s absolutely loaded with beta-carotene, a pigment that converts to vitamin A when digested in our bodies. It then promotes cell growth and repair, clears the complexion and reduces any ‘wisdom’ lines! It’s also been proven to heal wounds by helping to close them up, as well as being anti-inflammatory AND anti-aging. No need to buy overpriced creams when you can nourish yourself from the inside right?

Oh, and if you’re a lover of the sweet stuff, lucuma is a fabulous replacement for sugar or sweeteners in your baking or smoothies. It’s a super low GI meaning it won’t spike your blood sugar levels and will keep you energised, instead of crashing an hour later. This will save you from ailments like diabetes and obesity later on in life.

Remember, what you eat can either protect your body from disease or cause it. Which will you choose?

Pick up some lucuma from your local health store or online now… you won’t regret it!

Peace and love,

The Filmore & Union team x