It all began in February 2011 with a casual chat amongst friends, airing frustrations at the lack of healthy coffee shop & cafe options in York. Very soon after, the perfect test kitchen was found in Wetherby and a team starting experimenting with recipes. In October the same year, following a trip to San Francisco – the land of healthy eating and great service - Filmore & Union was born, named after two street names there! The first site opened in 2012 in the centre of York. There are now 10 Filmore and Union cafés across Yorkshire and Newcastle.

We are now part of a family of specialty coffee shops, bakeries and cafes, where our brand and values will be preserved.



We have our own playlist of music to keep the vibes in our restaurants laid back and chilled – just how we like them! From Jack Johnson to Buddah Bar, we love music and how it can set a positive atmosphere perfect for enjoying good food with good friends.



As a family business we know how dogs are an additional member which is why we allow dogs in all of our stores; they can enjoy the Filmore experience too.