Autumn motivation to ward off the ‘winter bod’

September 29, 2017 7:26 am

Exercise can sometimes feel like chore, especially with those cooler days and darker nights and mornings drawing in. Who really likes the 5am alarm that is telling you to go to your spin class or early morning run?! So, to help you stay motivated and to get you leaping out of your bed this Autumn, we spoke to Personal Trainer Annie Bee.

Tip 1: Make exercise easy, fun, and safe this Autumn

There are so many different forms of exercise out there these days from yoga to power-lifting to cross-fit, it can be a little overwhelming. So, you need to find something that gets you interested and excited and that works for you and your specific fitness goals and needs.

If you’re a runner and the dark mornings and nights are a little daunting then join a local running club to get you motivated and out in the fresh air. Or join a Bootcamp club, it’s not only going to get you moving but it’s also a great way to meet new people and socialise. There are even bootcamps which allow your children to join in too, so if childcare is a problem for you it’s worth doing some research and finding a group that works for you.

There are affordable gyms popping up all over the place so contact one near you for classes or courses that you’re going to find fun but also challenging.

In most cases, gyms do try and cater for everyone - even those awkward working hours. But if your life is slightly hectic (to say the least) and finding time to go the gym for a long-winded workout just isn’t for you, a lot of gyms now offer fast classes which only last 30 minutes; they are intense but very effective!

And if the gym just isn’t your scene or it’s too dark and dreary outside, there are plenty of 30 minute workouts on YouTube and Instagram which you can do from home with no equipment – you can even get the kids involved in these too so there really is no excuse now!

Music can be a great motivator so create an amazing workout playlist of songs that make you want to go and smash your work out.

Tip 2: Test your limits

Are you wanting to see a change in your body, physically, rather than watching the scales? Then it is so important that in the first four weeks into your training you are patient - it’s going to take this amount of time to start getting results. This is where so many people fall at the first hurdle as they push themselves so hard for the first two weeks then because they’re not seeing massive changes, they give up.

You have to give your body time to adapt and transform. Yes, it is good to push yourself but make sure it’s in the right way to avoid injuries. If you’re not sure what you are doing then ask a trainer or check your form in a mirror.

Adapting and changing exercises to allow your body to work at its maximum will stop you from plateauing and make your exercise sessions more effective; leaving you ultimately feeling invigorated and you’ll be shocked at what your body can do when you push it. I’m constantly getting my clients to increase their speed or their resistance to maximise results, and boost metabolism, strength and endurance. But it’s also good to set targets and goals for yourself for each time you work-out; it becomes addictive wanting to beat your own personal best and pushing your limits to become to best version of you.

Tip 3: Find a buddy

Training on your own can sometimes be boring and un-motivating, so finding someone that you can train with will push you to do well and we all know, there is also that secret competitive streak that comes out in you which also helps towards motivation. You, competitive? No way…

Personal trainers are also a great way to stay motivated and to learn new things. The knowledge they have, and those key pieces of advice when exercising, will push you to strive for your desired results. Whether the goal is weight loss, to tone up, or even just for some mental rejuvenation, it’s great to have someone that can teach you new things - knowledge is power.

Tip 4: Love yourself

Your body doesn’t lie, so listen to it. If you feel like you’re over-exerting yourself, it’s completely fine to have a night in on the sofa with a hot chocolate. You actually need to be kind to yourself and take rest days to allow the muscles to repair otherwise you can cause the body to fatigue. Never taking a day off exercise sets the body up for a breakdown. You become more susceptible to severe muscle soreness, a weak immune system, a lack of sleep, a decrease in strength and performance, and could lead to injury.

Rest days also benefit your mind so scheduling a mandatory break from training will help you get excited to jump back into your program and keeping the end goal in site. And know that noticeable results don’t happen overnight. Make sure you manage your expectations and keep your goals and targets within reach. Although it will take time, it will definitely be worth it.

Tip 5: Reward yourself

Training is tiring and once you have a goal to achieve, it can sometimes take over.  It is important to let your body and mind relax and give it time to recover. Tiring yourself out too much, what with that hectic life, can actually do more damage than good.

Nutrition is so important when you’re training, preparation is so important. But on those occasions when I am rushing around in my crazy life, I allow Filmore & Union to look after me. I will always be in one of the restaurants or take-outs after a workout to either get a post workout shake (Bench Press) or a refreshing juice (Goodness Greens) or sometimes I might just need a booster shot of h30 hydration. They are great if I need to take a night off and chill with a delicious, nourishing take-out meal from Filmore (turkey burger with sweet potato wedges and salad is one of my favourites!) and also perfect for a relaxing evening out without the post-dinner bloat!

Get your rest and focus on good, healthy nutrition and you will be ready for your next training session. Ensuring that you do reward yourself with the little things, like eating well and taking some ‘you time’, is incredibly important.

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