August 31, 2016 5:49 pm

Eating on the go with a dietary restriction


Hello Filmorites! I’m Elise, creator of the BARE. lifestyle blog, where I share my sugar-free journey and show you how you can curb your sugar addiction through recipes and tips! I’m so excited to collaborate with Filmore + Union and bring you the best of my advice on making your healthy choices work for you, whether you’re sitting at Filmore’s table or your own.

Anyone living with an intolerance or dietary restriction knows how stressful the food front can be outside of your home. I generally find everyone very accommodating, and often wonder why I was so worried in the first place! But it doesn’t harm to plan (and that is the key word, here), so here are my tips to make it through a busy schedule without starving to death, or eating something that isn’t on your plan.


  • Write it out: sit down for 10 minutes and write it all down. Where will you be, and when? Where will you be around meal times? I use a weekly planning template from DayDesigner to write down my meals and schedule to make sure I don’t miss anything. Then I make a list of the stuff I’ll need to get, like tupperware containers or reusable snack bags. I generally also make a list of some snacks that I can travel with easily, and then decide where I will get my meals from. A little flexibility is obviously necessary, but having an idea makes it less stressful.


  • Pack for success: If I’m away, I make sure I am packing snacks (doesn’t matter where I go, snacks always win). If I’m staying at someone’s house, I definitely pack snacks. Everyone eats at different frequencies, and hunger pangs mid-afternoon are pretty much a daily occurrence for me, but not always for others. So I’d rather be safe than sorry and have an almond butter packet in my bag. If I’m staying in a hotel where food is not so readily available throughout the day either, I pack snacks too (or find a shop!). Having a food intolerance means you’re always food-thinking ahead of everyone else (or maybe that’s just me?), and that’s fine! Remember the 5 Ps; Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance!


  • Know your options: if you are staying in a town you don’t know, get to know it beforehand. I always research the restaurant and cafes that will be available to me, and find some safe options. Finding place such as Filmore + Union are a godsend when I am exploring the city. I know they will understand my needs and not disregard my intolerance by drizzling on some balsamic on my salad for good measure. I know sushi, thai and smokehouses are NOT a good idea (all the sugar OMG), but that grill restaurants, italian and ‘healthy’ cafés are always easy to order from! And once you’ve found your food heaven, don’t be embarrassed to go back the day after! Countless times I have loved a restaurant on holiday (or at home!) and gone back the day after; it takes out the stress of having to find another place!


  • Don’t be shy: Just ask. I admit, I still struggle with this one. I normally end up trying to order as much as I can from the actual menu, but restaurants nowadays are very accommodating, especially the health-aware ones. It is not my fault I have a fructose intolerance, and I know the kitchen will have simple foods they can put together for me. So if have to request avocado toast with a poached egg instead of roasted peppers, I do! It is also worth pointing out that you shouldn’t be disappointed if you can’t order from the menu they’ve given you. If I’ve ended up somewhere I can’t have anything from the menu, it is normally because I am in good company. And that’s the most important part 🙂


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