You know what makes us happy? Making plans. We love love LOVE having things to look forward to… but don’t we all? It doesn’t matter how much your day is dragging or how impossibly tough your week is going, as long as you have that one thing to be excited for at the end of it, staying positive doesn’t seem quite so hard.

Keep up to date with Filmore and see what special events we have to get you feeling excited so you can pencil it in your own diary and have that one date that shines from the rest. From our Moroccan Nights and Liz Earle pamper evenings, to the launch of a new monthly juice or a national celebration of brownies (because it’s the little things in life that matter, right?)

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Mothers Day Brunch!

March 15

Treat your mum with nourishing and delicious food this Mothers day and do brunch at Filmore! You know what they say… There’s no better gift than the gift of food (and of course LOTS of hugs and/or foot massages).


March 15