#FEELGOODUNION - Day 1 with Sammie

January 12, 2016 9:48 am

DAY 1: Energy Levels: 8/10


So, first, just a quick update – now I know I mentioned this in my pre-cleanse post on Friday, but giving up coffee has genuinely been SOOOO difficult. I had never fully appreciated the influence it has been having on my body. I have literally endured pounding RELENTLESS headaches throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Seriously, it's taken THREE days for me to not be feeling the effects of coffee!


I have to admit that when I woke up this morning and realised I wouldn’t be having my staple oat-heavy smoothie for breakfast I was a bit worried. But I took my aloe vera shot and prepared my hot water with lemon and ginger and wandered down to my local Filmore store in York.
 Discovery of the day: hot water with lemon and ginger! I really like having something hot on a morning and I think this would be an excellent replacement for my coffee and Yorkshire Tea addiction – and it’s MUCH more refreshing!

So as I arrived in York my juices were just being finished, so I sat with the lovely deputy manager Emily whilst she made the last couple. I am a self-confessed foodie so it was really nice to see just how FRESH the juices really are!

Looking at all the colourful numbered bottles made me really excited. Then when she handed over my soups and nut packets, which I had almost forgotten about, it hit me:  How could I possibly be hungry over the next 72 hours with all of this to get through?


It’s now just after lunchtime on day ONE of my Filmore & Union three day Reboot Juice Cleanse and I’m feeling preeeetty good

I really like that the cleanse program includes so many mini-courses. So far today I have had an aloe vera shot, lots of herbal tea, a warm almond milk with cinnamon and an Uber Detox juice and a Skintox juice. So I guess it’s not really surprising that I’m not feeling that hungry!

Let’s put it this way I’m certainly much happier at lunchtime today having started my juice cleanse than I was on Friday having just given up coffee. It really was BAD!

I’m not about to get smug or anything though, and I think I need to be tactical with the rest of my day. So I’m thinking if I spread my afternoon juice and evening soup out I should be able to keep myself feeling nourished for the rest of the day *Fingers crossed*!


Second discovery of the day: warm almond milk and cinnamon is seriously comforting! I was feeling really quite tired by mid-afternoon so I had a bag of my Filmore Nuts and my almond milk and I felt much better.


So evening meal has definitely been the hardest part so far! Coming home to the smell of my mum’s homemade Shepherd’s Pie was literally a killer! Although I definitely perked up when I had my fennel soup, it really was delicious!

All in all I have found today surprisingly easy, and I have definitely discovered some new flavours, so I’m feeling very positive about tomorrow!

I will have more updates on how my Reboot is going tomorrow but for now keep an eye out on our social media pages where we will be giving lots of updates on how our staff and wonderful customers are finding the #FEELGOODUNION.

Filmore & Union are selling three different cleanse programs designed for everyone, ranging from newbie cleansers like myself all the way up to the most hardcore juicers out there! All three programmes are available to order so get yours now and join us for the #FEELGOODUNION!