#FEELGOODUNION – Day 2 with Sammie

January 13, 2016 9:24 am

DAY 2: Energy Levels: 7/10


Feeling great this morning – I feel so much better drinking my hot water with lemon and ginger than I ever did drinking a strong black coffee!
This mornings “juice” was amazing. I say “juice” in quotation marks because it wasn’t really a juice, it was more of a sumptuous smoothie-come-milkshake, which was totally fine by me! Thick and full of the flavour of banana and bitter chocolate it felt more like a gluttonous treat than a cleanse, absolutely no objections here.


I think I am feeling a little bit weaker today than I was this time yesterday. But to be honest I think that is mostly because I am sat literally a few meters away from the Filmore test kitchen … and every now and again I get a whiff of something delicious baking! Other than that though I feel good and am amazed by the lack of hunger!
Also I’m definitely going to keep drinking warm almond milk with cinnamon, it’s so nice. If you haven’t tried it yet, DO!


So I have a confession… I have hated beetroot for as long as I can remember - so when I saw the deep red of my lunchtime juice I panicked. However, I needn’t have feared, it was really nice! The juice itself was quite sweet and fruity but with just a subtle bitterness that beetroot adds to the palette, which complimented the overall feel of the juice really well. I might be a beetroot convert!


Having read lots of reviews on juice cleanses in the past I was expecting my energy levels to have really dropped by Day 2, but I’m still feeling really good, so if it stays like this throughout tomorrow it will have been a breeze! I genuinely haven’t felt hungry today, to the extent that I almost forgot about my bag of Filmore Nuts! I’ve just had my third juice, which was super refreshing at the end of the working day and I’m feeling unusually fresh.
The worst part of Day 1 was definitely the evening being at home whilst all my family were eating. Therefore I have tactically ensured that I am out and about most of the night so as to avoid thinking about food! This is good because I predict the lack of hunger can’t possibly last…


Tonight is definitely easier than last night and although I was hungry by the time I got home my lentil soup perked me right up and I’m feeling GOOOOD. In fact I can’t believe tomorrow is already the last day of my cleanse!
Keep checking out Filmore & Union’s blog page to find out how I do with Day 3! If you are also doing the cleanse then please keep sharing your pictures with us on Twitter and Facebook!
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