#FEELGOODUNION – Day 3 with Sammie

January 14, 2016 3:25 pm

Day 3 - Energy Levels: Started low at 4/10 but perked up to 8/10


Today it’s hit me. I’m REALLY tired, which is apparently pretty normal for this stage in a juice cleanse. The great news is that I am no longer tempted by coffee and am fully converted to my hot water with lemon and ginger. This morning’s juice was a very green juice and definitely made me feel healthy, which I think was the kick I needed on the FINAL day of my cleanse!


I must be honest, I have never before been so grateful for a quiet office. I’m not sure I would have had the will power to sit through hearing people talk about their lunches. Although actually today’s lunchtime juice was again more of a thick smoothie, which was welcome!


So something really exciting just happened, I ran into a friend (who didn’t know I was on a cleanse, might I add) in the supermarket and the first thing she did was tell me that my skin was looking RADIANT. Yes, radiant. I’m definitely going to let the juice take credit for that!

A very serious word of advice if you are thinking about doing a juice cleanse: buy what you need before you start! NEVER EVER go to the supermarket if you are hungry and doing a juice cleanse. I walked in, realised how much temptation was in front of me, bowed my head and ran round as quickly as I could. To be fair I’ve perked up a lot now and am actually feeling quite good – had I gone to the supermarket this morning though … who knows what would have happened…


I can’t believe I’ve just had my last item – and it was a good last item to finish on. It was a tomato and red pepper soup, which was really nice, it had a nice subtle fragrance underlying it, but was also comforting which was welcome at the end of my cleanse!

I have to say I am proud of myself for managing to complete a juice cleanse, and even though I haven’t found it anywhere near as difficult as I initially thought I would, I can’t deny it has been a challenge. Overall though I have definitely enjoyed my juice cleanse experience and am planning on integrating a lot more juice into my diet! Furthermore I really am no longer missing caffeine, which in itself is a healthy step for me – I was far too dependent on it before.

I think doing the cleanse has given me the confidence to realise that a well-made juice is enough as a meal in itself. In fact, tomorrow I am planning on getting one for my lunch to ease myself out of the cleanse gradually. I really must thank Filmore & Union for the addition of soup on their cleanse - I think I would have struggled a lot more without the soup as it really added a “meal” at the end of each day, and I believe that it makes the Filmore cleanse really manageable.

Filmore & Union are selling three different cleanse programs designed for everyone! All three programmes are available to order so get yours now and join us for the #FEELGOODUNION!