Filmore & Union founder Adele profiled in Yorkshire Life magazine

January 10, 2018 1:48 pm
We were so proud to finally read the feature on our founder Adele Ashley in Yorkshire Life magazine’s January 2018 issue, telling the story behind Filmore & Union and how she has grown it into a leading ‘feel good’ food and drink brand with big ambitions to expand across the UK and even internationally!
If you don’t have chance to grab a copy (you’ll see the lovely Adele’s face on the bottom of the front cover!), here are some highlights from the piece to give you an idea of what she – and we – are all about:
On her personal motivations…
“During a decade-long stint in a stressful IT recruitment job, [Adele] would find herself grabbing a bacon sarnie for breakfast, powering through lunch with a ready meal and finishing the day with a bottle of wine… [she] made an appointment with a holistic therapist, and [her] health – [her] life – changed for good.”
“I couldn’t find somewhere to eat, so I created my own.”
On the Filmore & Union concept
“The idea of families and friends eating together remains at the heart of everything Filmore & Union does.”
“We can’t heal the world but, together, we can do our bit.”
I love being part of a team and mine – thank heavens – is made up of the very, very best people. We’re all very passionate about what we do.”
On our ‘feel good’ food
“It’s our eclectic mix of recognisable dishes with that added Filmore dimension that makes us what we are.”
 “It’s largely plant-based but there’s steak and fish on the menu”
“It’s pretty much gluten-free, but it’s not aimed at people with food intolerances”
“It’s healthy eating, but there’s no sense of punishment about it. It’s not a worthy, self-flagellating choice. It’s delicious.”