How the Filmore & Union ‘re-boot’ juice programme helped me fend off Autumn illnesses

October 19, 2017 10:27 am

Helen runs a marketing agency and has a toddler. She did our three-day ‘Re-boot’ juice programme in September 2017.

I’m no longer one for dad diets. I did that when I was younger and learned the hard way that it just leads to yoyo-ing weight and misery! Since having a baby three years ago, I find that I can eat what I want in moderation and between running my own business full time and running around after my little boy, I’ll burn it off and maintain a healthy weight. As a busy 30-something who loves my food I’ve let go of any illusions of getting super skinny or toned and I’m now more focused on making sure that I feel good instead of counting calories. I’ve ditched ‘low fat’ products full of artificial sweeteners for more natural foods cooked from scratch and make wiser choices when eating out or ‘on the go’.

Having said all that, the past few years involving an awful pregnancy, a complicated c section, and struggling to get to grips with sleep-less motherhood while maintaining my career and some tiny semblance of social life have taken their toll. I’m shattered. And after a busy summer, it’s really showing in my lacklustre appearance and constant feeling of grogginess. My immune system has also taken a hit and I’m finding myself picking up colds and bugs more often which only add insult to injury. With cold Autumn days/nights on the way, I need a makeover on the inside and the outside and to press re-start on some bad habits I’ve slipped into when busy.

When I read about Filmore & Union’s ‘re-boot’ three day juice programme and the fact it’s designed to make you feel good from the inside out rather than being about starving yourself to lose weight, I was intrigued. When I thought about restrictive short-term diets I’d done in the past I remembered being moody, having to do lots of complicated prep, and not ending up with any long term results. But this seemed different – it is all ready made for you with completely fresh ingredients and is all about giving you a short term boost that you can follow through into new healthier habits. The recommendation is to listen to your body and eat healthily on top of drinking the juices if you feel the need. So, I decided to give it a try – and it did not disappoint!

The day before

I picked up the bag packed full of gorgeous looking juice bottles from Filmore & Union in Ilkley on a cloudy Saturday afternoon. I was feeling bloated and sluggish after rushing around all morning and not sleeping well the night before (despite the fact my toddler slept through for once!) and I headed home to put them in the fridge, slightly apprehensive about going back to my old ways of carb cutting before I had a child and so desperately needed the energy from them. I was also slightly concerned about how small each of the bottles looked. I knew they were full of goodness but I couldn’t imagine feeling satisfied from drinking them!

Day 1

The next morning, I woke up with my usual headache and sore neck. My immediate thoughts turned to coffee but then I remembered the juices and thought that now was as good a time as any to start and try the first of five that I could consume any time during that day. I opted for the Triple Nut Chai which felt like the closest to my almond milk morning coffee – it was delicious and surprisingly filling without being thick and difficult to drink. I forgot all about my coffee craving and got stuck straight into playing ‘farms’ with the toddler.

It quickly got to mid-morning before I realised it was time for another juice! This time I went for Liquid Sunshine with pineapple, orange and lemon – the name says it all!

By lunch time I was feeling hungry and almost forgot what I was doing and started making a family lunch with me included. Instead, I reached for the Zen juice (in the hope it would chill me out a bit!) and, despite my scepticism, it satisfied me while I watched the others eat.

After a run around with a football outside, I brought my little boy in for a snack and was tempted to grab one myself but realised it was already time for my next juice! I tried the colourful Root Glow and actually felt full afterwards. However, I still had a trip to the farm shop and a family dinner with no proper food to get through.

By the time we got back from the shops it was 4.30pm and I was RAVENOUS so I foolishly drank the last juice despite knowing I had a whole evening of working on my laptop to get through with nothing to eat. The Bluebiotic juice was delicious though and I did feel satisfied for a while.

Later on, I decided to cave and have a snack to get me through to the next morning’s juice without a toddler-style meltdown so I opted for a Rye and pumpkin seed bagel. I went to bed feeling full and energised.

Day 2

After a good night’s sleep, I woke up feeling surprisingly fresh and, after having my first juice of the morning, I realised that the thought of my usual morning coffee (caffeine hit!) hadn’t even crossed my mind and I had no desire for it. The juice was definitely giving me more energy.

My husband, on the other hand, woke feeling terrible with signs of tonsillitis kicking in after several weeks of high stress at work and no proper rest. He’s never had tonsillitis and I am prone to it so I was worried that I would be next but I hoped that the juice programme may help me fight it off by boosting my immune system. I was certainly feeling better than usual, if not a bit hungry.

After doing the pre-school drop off and rushing to work, the morning flew by before I remembered it was time for my next juice. I drank it at my desk while whizzing through tasks and before I knew it, my colleagues started getting up to go out and grab lunch. Unlike the day before, I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry and was looking forward to my lunchtime juice.

The juices kept me going through a busy day at work and, although I was prepared to supplement them with a snack again, I didn’t feel the need.

Day 3

The final day of the programme had come around really quickly and I was seriously surprised at how not ‘hangry’ I was feeling (I have a big appetite and am not nice to be around when I’ve not eaten!) I spent the day rushing between meetings and had to keep reminding myself when I was due my next juice. I started to really flag by mid afternoon and only had one juice left to get me through the evening so I decided to have a spinach wrap with low fat hummus and salad when I got home from work so that I didn’t go to bed feeling drained.

A week later

Immediately after doing the juice programme, I felt more energised and my skin, hair, and nails had a new lease of life. But it also helped me to set some new good habits. I’ve started replacing my morning coffee with a fresh juice and just having one coffee in an afternoon at work (which is a big reduction from my typical four cups). I’ve also got better at keeping myself hydrated as the juice programme made me realise that I often reach for snacks when I am actually just thirsty. I always drink herbal teas but I had cut back during the summer so I’m drinking more again now that it’s getting colder.

The biggest result for me is the fact that I didn’t get tonsillitis despite being exposed to it when run down, and have managed to avoid all the ‘back to school’ bugs that my family, friends and colleagues caught. I put this down to doing the juice programme and following it up with new habits which have boosted my immune system and generally made me feel healthier.

I’d highly recommend doing the juice programme if you’re looking for an energy boost but suggest listening to your body and building in healthy snacks where needed so that you’re not just fasting and then putting any weight lost back on afterwards. I’d also recommend not seeing it as just a ‘quick fix’ but more the start of a healthier lifestyle with easy to adopt new habits that will give you longer term benefits.