March 10, 2016 2:44 pm

Hey every one - Adele Ashley here!

As the co-founder of Filmore & Union, I’m truly passionate about 1) - living a happy, healthy life and 2) - supporting charities that do their best to make this happen for those who need the help.

And that’s why a few months ago we partnered up with Trekstock: A charity that provide endless incredible support for cancer sufferers above the age of 25. If you follow Filmore on social media and visit our stores regularly - you’ll probably already know that we are donating 10p from every Raw Energy sale to this wonderful cause, but after going down to meet the team behind this organisation, I am even more determined to help them make a difference.

Last week I jumped on a train down to London to join them for an evening of seriously eye opening discussions surrounding young people who have cancer - and even meet some of the powerfully inspiring sufferers that they work so hard to support each and every day.

Regretfully, when I look at the time I transitioned in to my 20s and 30s - I didn’t appreciate enough how lucky I was just to be healthy. I mean, life was so simple: I got up in the morning and did what ever I needed and wanted to do with out any complications - however, that is not the case for those who are told they have the evil disease that is cancer.

When I met these young people who face the unimaginable struggles that cancer throws at them every day, I couldn’t help but feel extremely humbled - but also deeply saddened. As a mother of 3 young adults, the thought of my children going through what these people do is beyond thinkable - and I’m sure that if you’re also a parent; then you’d be feeling the exact same.

And that’s where the amazing work that Trekstock does comes in!

By supporting the practical everyday needs of young adults through peer-to-peer support, age appropriate information and health and wellbeing interventions - this team aim to ensure that no young adult will have to face cancer alone. All they need is a little help from you and I.

The work Trekstock do really does make a difference: The proof was when I met Toby (pictured below) who amazingly conquered cancer with the help and support provided by Trekstock!

So, what kind of things to Trekstock do?

As well as hosting wellness events, meetings and coffee mornings - they also even provide healthy eating programmes and personal trainers to cancer patients, which is beyond incredible and also emphasises my ethos for healthy living from within just perfectly.

However, Trekstock needs more supporters up North to really step up and make a difference to even more young adults in need - which is why Filmore are going to be working closely to make sure this happens! So I want you to get involved and tell your friends and family whilst doing so; as this is a charity I feel really needs shouting about. Yes, there are other various (and equally amazing) charities that support young cancer sufferers - but a lot of that support stops once they turn 25. That support should never stop - and thankfully it won’t so long as we all do our bit to help!

Keep posted for future supper clubs supporting Trekstock, as well as wellness events and exclusive recipe collaborations for you all to try at home! I’m super excited to be involved with this and I truly hope that you will jump on board with me.

Let’s do this!

Adele x