January 8, 2015 9:57 am

Bananas are totally underrated when it comes to choosing the healthiest fruits.

Why? Bananas give an instant boost of sustainable energy and contain the three natural sugars; fructose, glucose and sucrose combined with fibre. In fact, just 2 bananas will give you enough energy for a sweaty 90 minute work out! That will explain why athletes can’t get enough of them, then….

And that’s not all they’re amazing for! If you suffer from any of the following, then we suggest you fill your fruit bowl with an abundance bananas. You’ll see why once you’ve given this a read through!


 Bananas contain the tryptophan protein that converts to serotonin, which has been proven to make you happier, boost your mood and release any stress you have building up. Slice them up in to natural yoghurt and cinnamon on an evening for your dessert so you can really unwind and reward yourself with some serious goodness after work.


 Ladies, it’s time to throw away those pills and dose up on bananas! Their high vitamin B6 levels regulate blood glucose levels and balance your mood – so you’ll feel more chilled hippy and less stroppy diva. Blend a frozen banana with some cacao powder (great for PMS symptoms!) for a guilt free chocolate ice cream that will leave you feeling a hell of a lot more human than you did before.


Perhaps Pop Eye didn’t get the memo about bananas being an incredible source of iron! You probably wouldn’t think it, but due to their high iron content, bananas stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood – helping to cure cases of anemia. If you’re feeling peckish, why top some rye toast with banana and your favourite nut butter for an instant iron boost.


To maintain good health, it is crucial you beat the blood pressure – meaning reducing your salt intake and loading up on potassium. That’s where bananas really come in to their own. As bananas are high in potassium and low in salt, they can actually reduce the risk of strokes and blood pressure. Make your sugar free banana bread by mashing them in to your mix with buckwheat flour for a slice of pure guilt free heaven. Who’d have thought cake be so healthy?


Got an exam or a long day of meeting? Have a banana. The potassium in them can help boost your brain and keep you super focused. Have one for breakfast by slicing one on top of your porridge to really set you up for the day. Simple, yet effective!


Hate the ‘morning after’ feeling? We’ve all been there. Sometimes it can seem that the only way to cure it is with a greasy bacon sarnie, but resist the temptations and whizz up a banana smoothie with honey and almond milk. Whilst the banana calms the stomach, the honey builds up blood sugar levels and the milk re-hydrates the system. You can be the smug one out of your friends when you’re the one who is up and ready for the day whilst they are wasting the day being fragile in bed!

So have we made you look at bananas differently? We sure can’t get enough of them, especially now we know how damn good they are for us!

We’ve love to hear your favourite banana recipes… Comment below to share! X