Happy World Vegan Day from Filmore & Union!

November 1, 2017 9:24 am

Vegans, we love you every day (not just #WorldVeganDay) which is why 25% of our menus are all about plant-based goodness.

We know how hard it is to find exciting options when eating out or ‘on the go’ if you have special dietary requirements - or even if you’re not a devoted vegan but just like eating plant based from time-to-time and trying new things. But we don’t think you should have to compromise on choice, taste, or satisfaction. One of our two development chefs who work at Filmore’s head office is vegan and we put a lot of work into developing vegan dishes using an eclectic range of ingredients and flavours to make them unlike anything else you’ll taste on the high street.

How about five grain porridge with super-green milk for breakfast, macro bowl for lunch, vegan Massaman for dinner, and chocolate orange brownie with a dairy free latte for dessert - enough to give even the most avid meat eaters food envy! AND there’s more vegan festivities coming your way on our Christmas 2017 menu including a vegan matcha creme brulee!