August 18, 2016 10:16 am

Ever tried our Earl Grey tea loaf before?

If not - then we gotta tell ya, Filmorites… NOW is the time!

Why so eager? You ask…

Well, as we’re always looking to develop our products and improve them here and there - we decided to experiment with the flour we use in our infamous tea loaf, the ultimate afternoon treat to accompany your fave brew.

Allow us to introduce you to ‘teff’ - a gluten free grain that originates all the way from Ethiopia. These tiny (yet super flavoursome!) grains are about the size of a poppy seed, making them ideal for grounding in to a flour for whipping up a perfectly moist and oh so delicious cake.

Now, don’t get us wrong; the more common grains like quinoa and buckwheat will always have a big place in our kitchens - but sometimes it’s fun to experiment with new products that pack just as much goodness in. Not just for baking; teff also makes an epic porridge alternative, or even a crunchy addition to your salad to add some real texture and an earthy ‘nutty’ flavour that makes each and every bite a true delight to the taste buds and the body.

So how’s about trying something new this week, Filmorites? Come by and take a slice of our tea loaf to experience teff at it’s best… Paired with a cup of our organic coffee or signature herbal infusions - there’s something so British and satisfying that comes with this soul nurturing combo. And with Team GB nailing the Olympics, we’re feeling more patriotic than ever!

See ya soon, friends!


Team F&U x