January 16, 2015 6:05 pm

So as some of you may know, the ‘most depressing day of the year’ also known as ‘Blue Monday’ is approaching us – but we don’t believe in being miserable for a day just because some calculations we’re beyond ever understanding and scientific theory state so.

However having said that, it is a Monday. And as humans, it’s only natural to wake up on a Monday morning with the feeling of dread and reluctancy to get out of bed and take on a new week. Sometimes it can feel like the weekends are just too short and the sound of the alarm following on from your lazy Sunday can seem like one of life’s hardest tasks.

Our first words of advice? Get over it.

Life is a beautiful thing, and each day we are given new opportunities and chances to grow as individuals and become better people. If you wake up feeling negative, it really is all in the mind. When you learn to change the way you think and embrace every day (even Blue Monday!) you will soon notice a hell of a difference to your happiness.

Here are our simple tips to changing the way you think and beat those blues for good!

Start repeating positive affirmations

Read a positive affirmation when you wake up and use it as your mantra through out the day. They have been proven to make you look at things in more positive light and give you the encouragement you need to take on the daily tasks. Search online until you see some that appeal to you and write a few of them down so you’re all set – or alternatively you can buy a book that is FILLED with them. We love this one by Louise L Hay for when we need some happy affirmations to beat the blues.

Write a list of all the things to be excited about in the week

Instead of focusing on all the boring tasks you have to do this week, write down all the things you have to be excited about. Be it a coffee date with a friend, going to the cinema with your lover or your evening yoga class – there is always something to be happy about. Us humans love having things to look forward to and they can make situations like the Monday blues seem a hell of a lot more bearable! And if you don’t have much going on that week – then make plans. It’s simple!

Go to sleep early on Sunday night

Sleep is the key to fighting that Monday morning ‘don’t even talk to me’ grouch that lingers through out the day. On Sunday night, have an early dinner, run yourself a hot bath and hop in to your bed (fresh sheets make it even better!) to ensure you get a sweet nights sleep to set you up for a busy Monday. Avoid checking your emails or social media an hour before bed as technology is a huge culprit for keeping the mind awake, particularly at night! Instead, get lost in a good book… You’ll find you’ll drift off a lot quicker and more peacefully that way.

Wear your Monday best

Now this is a very simple tip that has maximum effect! When you dress to impress your ego is instantly boosted – and that’s the same with every one. Of course, stick to what you feel comfortable in – but don’t be afraid to whip out that pencil dress you save for special occasions or channel your inner model with those heeled boots that make your legs go on for days! If you feel good about yourself, you’ll feel better about taking on the day, be kinder to others which means that they’ll be kind back. It’s works like a cycle.

 Get your body moving

Finally, take the time to do a some body working exercise to raise those endorphin levels (they’re the mood boosting chemicals that are released when you work out, FYI!) Working out also boosts your mood and energy levels, which is essential for being productive and embracing each day positively. When you wake up, do a few core exercises, yoga stretches, go for a run or powerwalk outside… Whatever. Just get moving and you’ll soon feel those happy chemicals work their magic!

What’s your favourite way to cure the Monday blues? We’d love to hear… Comment below!

Big love,

Filmore & Union x