June 29, 2016 3:33 pm

Hello from the Mindful Hub!

Hurray! Summer is finally upon us and it’s a good time of year to feel the happiness buzz. So, I thought I’d give you some simple mindful ways to unleash your inner joy and remind you how to make the most of each moment.           

  1. Practice being in the ‘Now’

Appreciating the wonderful world around you with all of your senses is a sure way to bring yourself right into the present moment. Next time you are outdoors, instead of rushing to the next thing, take time to notice the sights, the sounds and the aromas. Imagine that you are a sponge and simply soaking in these sensations without labelling or judging. Be curious.

  1. Be kind during difficult moments

We all have challenges in our lives. Some created by ourselves, some just happen. Instead of beating yourself up or making the situation worse, try thinking of difficult moments as opportunities to ask yourself: How can I be kinder to myself right now?

  1. Connect with others

Feeling connected is more than just an experience. It’s a skill we can strengthen with small gestures of goodwill. Try smiling more at others, show appreciation, give a helping hand at every small opportunity. Create connection in the smallest of moments.

  1. Find purpose

Cultivate your sense of purpose by actioning your values. What do you care about the most? What actions align with this? Can you go that little bit further to change the world around you? Be generous with your time. Volunteering has been found to be one of the key means of bringing real feelings of happiness into our lives.


  1. Nurture positivity

Our brains have a negative bias. It’s just a survival mechanism. So by purposefully highlighting the positive we can train our minds not to labour on the negative. Observe the words you use in conversation and the ways that you can change your mind towards a sunnier disposition. You will magnetize positivity in others too. The added bonus!


  1. Make your body happy

A healthier body means a healthier brain. Listen to your body and notice how it needs to be treated, moved, and fed. Bringing more mindfulness to your body is a recipe for overall well-being. Practice mindful eating and body scanning to stay in touch with your physical needs.

  1. Keep track of your joys

Focus on the joys in your life at the end of each day. Keep a gratitude journal.  Write a journal entry about the things that bring you joy each day. It could be a smile a kind stranger gave you, the sweet smell of a flower you passed on the street, or the presence of a trusted friend or pet. The more you take note of what brings you joy, the more joy you’ll find in your everyday life.

If you need a ‘happiness boost’ come along to one of my Summer Mindful Living sessions or book a personal session with me. I’m here to help you on your mindful journey of a lifetime.

Happy Summer Mind!