May 12, 2016 11:59 am

Cool the Fires

Do you find that an exciting or unsettling experience can leave you feeling edgy, anxious or even  low  and this can carry on for some time? I sometimes feel panicky without even knowing why!
Our internal systems do a great job when we are fired up to pursue opportunities and avoid threats. They help us to ‘power-up’ and get things moving. However, by remaining in a ‘fired’ state we can unwittingly trigger stress-related chronic diseases and further stress. We are not built to sustain constant pressure (good or bad) and must find time to come down, cool the fires if we are not to burn out.
The good news is that by regulating our thoughts and consciously relaxing our body we activate the ‘cooling down’ mechanisms which help our body and mind to recover. In other words, by training in mindful methods and purposefully practicing every day, we can literally save our lives! So, let me give you a helping hand:
. Regularly scan your body for tension/stress. Purposefully relax these areas. Maybe when you take a break, get in the car, or sit down before eating.
. Practice diaphragmatic breathing. Put your hands below the V of the ribcage, fingers touching and move hands perpendicular as you breathe (rather than up and down). Deep breathing triggers the relaxation response.
. Stimulate the gamma rays in the brain by focusing on compassionate thoughts whilst listening to soothing music
. Action yourself to be kind, compassionate and grateful. You will feel happier!
. Treat yourself to a massage which incorporates mindful mentoring. Better than most other relaxation methods, healing touch stimulates the relaxation response deeply and has long-lasting effects.

So, all the best on deliberately ‘cooling the fires’ often as you can. To give you the relaxing motivation you may need, I’m offering 20% discount on a Mindful Massage this May to Filmorites. Just mention this blog… 😉