Juice cleanse vs juice programme: What’s the difference?

December 28, 2017 12:50 pm

There’s a lot of conflicting information and advice out there about the supposed health benefits of juicing and much of the cynicism comes from the fad of ‘juice cleanses’ which promised to help people shed weight and remove ‘toxins’ from their bodies by drinking fruit juices alone for a set period of time.

Adele Ashley founded Filmore & Union because she was frustrated by the lack of healthy, natural eating out options for those with big appetites who love food but want it to make them feel good rather than sluggish. Her focus was on providing exciting options for those with special dietary requirements such as gluten free and vegan, but also bringing convenient ways of filling up on goodness to local high streets to help people with busy lives avoid processed foods. One way of doing this is through a range of tasty fresh juices which are specially formulated with a range of ingredients and supplements to provide a ‘quick hit’ of energising nutrients on top of regular wholesome meals.

While many argue that juices are full of natural sugars, have a high glycemic index (GI), and don’t provide the right balance of nutrients on their own, Adele and her team have worked hard to create juice recipes that, in moderation, can have significant health benefits when enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. The reality is that many people just don’t have the time, the access, or the desire to get their recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals through whole foods, and juicing can provide a much-needed boost.

In response to the ‘juice cleanse’ craze, which resulted in health issues rather than health benefits for many who tried it, Filmore & Union launched a juice programme. Instead of being about weight loss- which a juice cleanse may do but would be very harsh on the body and which we don’t advocate – it’s about kick starting a healthier lifestyle by enjoying the benefits that the right kind of juicing can bring, whether it is increased energy levels, glowing skin, or a calmer gut. Unlike juice cleanses, the three and five day juice programmes actively encourage listening to your body and eating natural whole foods when you feel the need. The juices in the programme also contain much more than just fruit, providing vital nutrients from nut milks, vegetables and supplements.


The Rest programme is designed to support gut health.

Our Bluebiotic juice contains nine strains of live bacteria and inulin, which can stimulate the growth of Bifidobacteria and other healthy native bacteria in the gut. When our digestive systems are in check, we can feel at our total best! – Goodbye, bloated stomach!


The reboot programme is designed to support energy metabolism.

Our Zen juice is a powerful source of magnesium which contributes to the reduction of fatigue and normal energy metabolism – so you can feel your most vitalised every day!


The glow programme is designed for skin health.

Both our Liquid Sunshine and Root Glow juices are incredible sources of vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation. Collagen is crucial to the maintenance of skin tissue and elasticity – helping to achieve that youthful healthy glow!

The key is to focus on how you feel and not what you weigh/look like. Juice programmes should be the start of a long term habit to consume more natural nutrient-rich ingredients rather than a short term attempt to shed pounds.

You can order and collect Filmore & Union’s ‘Rest’, ‘Glow’ and ‘Reboot’ juice programmes from our restaurants and take outs across Yorkshire and the North East and staff in store can advise on the best programme for you and how to tailor it to your needs and dietary requirements.