At Filmore & Union we are passionate about juicing.

By combining carefully selected fresh fruit and vegetables, with unique ingredients such as nut milks, probiotics and activated charcoal, we create juices that can assist and help you to thrive!

The ‘magic’ of our juices comes from only using fresh fruit and vegetables! Furthermore, unlike a lot of juicing shops, we do not use frozen fruit or concentrated juices, such as apple or orange–we add nothing artificial!  We like our juices to be in their most natural form, and therefore any additions are simply unnecessary.


We believe everyone can benefit from juicing, but our programmes may be particularly appropriate if you:

– are trying to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

– struggle to consume enough whole fruit and veg in your diet.

– are looking to supplement your existing diet.

We offer three juice programmes, GLOW, REBOOT and REST. All are available for three or five days. There is also an optional booster pack, should you wish to maximise the benefits.

Take a look….Filmore & Union Juice Programme Brochure