National #WorkLifeWeek 2017: How to find the perfect ‘mobile office’

October 4, 2017 5:51 pm

With so many more people working remotely, especially in rural locations like our Skipton restaurants in the Yorkshire Dales, ‘hot deskers’ are always looking for the perfect spot to set up camp for the day.

Many turn to coffee shops where they are surrounded by the buzz of people and don’t get lonely, and they have easy access to those all-important drinks and snacks to keep them fuelled up throughout the working day. At Filmore & Union, we try to offer a relaxed, inspirational, vibrant environment for suburban mobile workers at our stores in places like Ilkley, Moortown, Beverley, and Wetherby, supplemented, of course, with our ‘feel good’ food and drink.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing where to work remotely, here are just a few:

Free, fast, reliable, unlimited wifi

This one’s a no-brainer. If your mobile workplace isn’t well connected, you’ll end up drinking lots of coffee but getting very little work done. So do your research before you set up your laptop and order brekkie.

Comfort AND style

Choosing your own place of work puts you in control. You can find somewhere with the comforts you expect when working from home, with the practicality and style of a modern office. Your mobile office needs to look good and feel good if you’re going to be working at your best.

‘Brain food’ (and drink)

If you’re spending all day in a coffee shop or restaurant, you’re going to be expected to order food and drink at regular intervals. This is great as it makes sure that you stay fuelled up rather than working through your lunch break and forgetting to eat as you might have done at the office. But what you fuel yourself up with when working has a big impact on how productive, efficient, and effective you are. Make sure that you choose to work somewhere with a varied menu that you won’t get bored of, with plenty of healthy options that will give you slow release energy throughout the day. Our gluten free 5-grain porridge with super-green milk, apple, and banana, is a great place to start! And with a drinks menu that includes everything from fresh smoothies and juices, to beetroot and turmeric lattes, and hot fresh infusions, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to energy-boosting, feel-good drinks to keep you going.


There’s nothing worse than a dull environment to squash your ability to come up with good ideas. Your surroundings are important for helping you to get inspiration that will improve the quality of your work and help you achieve more. Interiors that provide inspiration with different textures and materials, and a vibrant view to look out on will help you get more done and have much better wellbeing at work.