#NeomBigSleep: How to eat and drink your way to a good night’s sleep

September 21, 2017 1:09 pm
At Filmore & Union, we are passionate about making our customers ‘feel good’, which is why we love the #NeomBigSleep campaign. Our founder Adele is a huge fan of wellness brand Neom Organics and fully backs the importance of the getting more shut eye.
The campaign is all about challenging people to ‘Smash Shh out of Sleep’ and get more all-important shut-eye to improve their overall wellbeing. Neom’s range of 100% natural fragrances for the mind and body, which include candles and perfumes, have the perfect blend of ingredients for supporting rest and relaxation.  We fully support this campaign but we also believe that it’s just as important to ensure you’re fuelling your body the right way to help you get a great nights sleep.
Sleep-friendly seafood
Most fish such as salmon are full of vitamin B6, needed to make melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. So that’s a good reason to try more of a pescatarian diet this September in a bid to feel more rested. And it’s also a good reason to book onto one of our seafood nights 21-23 September at our Ilkley, Skipton, Wetherby and Beverley restaurants – find out more here!
Getting enough calcium
The reason that a warm cup of milk before bed has been recommended for as long as we can remember is because there is evidence that not consuming enough calcium can impact on your ability to fall asleep and get a good night’s sleep. This can be tough for vegans and those with a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance. However, there are other alternatives that can be just as soothing. Try warming some almond milk with raw cacao and a small amount of agave syrup to sweeten, hot chocolate with a healthy twist!
Beat the bloat
Speaking of your gut, discomfort as a result of bloating is the last thing you need when trying to get a good night’s sleep. It’s worth checking out whether you have any allergies or intolerances that are making it more difficult for you to sleep or draining your energy even if you do get enough sleep. Sticking to a natural diet is always a good place to start even if you don’t actually cut out any food groups.
Indulge in the right things
It’s still good to indulge before bed, whether it’s a long soak in the tub or a bedtime treat. Lavender is known for its relaxing properties as a fragrance but it also tastes great in things like our lavender and orange cake – yum!
Here’s to getting some shut eye and feeling more energised this Autumn!