February 16, 2015 2:04 pm

We all have those days.

You know – the ones where you sit at your desk with an endless list of things to do but you don’t even know where to start. And when you do try and crack on, you just can’t stay focused. It get’s to 11am and all you’ve done is check your emails and type out a sentence; then before you know it it’s 6pm and you still haven’t got half of the things done from your list. Argh!

We’re sharing our simple top tips for ensuring you feel satisfied and productive at the end of the day…


Find a playlist you like on youtube and let it play in the background quietly to help you focus. Try and choose songs that you don’t know the words to to ensure you’re not getting TOO in to the music and end up singing along! We love chilled acoustic songs or classic R&B to set the mood for some a serious hardcore work sesh.


We don’t know about you, but whenever we get toasty at the desk it just reminds us of how warm our beds are… Not exactly the kind of motivation you need to be productive! Working in a space that’s too hot can lead to tiredness, so turn down that heater! When you remain cool our bodies stay awake as they’re working harder to keep the blood pumping around. Don’t worry, we’re not saying work in freezing conditions – just try to keep it cool whilst you’re powering through your tasks!


It’s not only a lot better for your back to sit up your chair, but also for your productivity. Instead of slumping on the sofa or laying in bed with your laptop, sit up at your desk to crack on with your work! If you have work to do from home but don’t have a desk or a suitable table, head to a coffee shop where you have to sit up straight. We do have free wi-fi in all of our stores, BTW…


Forget about the things that can wait for another point in the week. Set yourself 3-4 goals for the day and do them well, instead of bombarding your to do list with unnecessary and unrealistic tasks that you know in the back of your mind you won’t get done! We’re all guilty of it at some point – but you’re so much more likely to feel you’ve had a productive day by the end of the day if you’re able to tick off your biggest priority jobs. You got this!


We know you hear this all the time, but remember to drink your water! Ensuring you get your 3 litres a day will help you stay super focused concentrated and alert with out the slump later on that caffeine can cause. Ditch the coffee and keep a glass jug by your desk and infuse it with lemon, lime, cucumber, mint or basil leaves to keep it interesting… It works for us!


In today’s crazy modern world, the biggest distraction when it comes to work has got to be social media. You are basically asking for an unproductive day every time you go on your phone to check your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram! Even if you do it unconsciously, flicking through a newsfeed for 5 minutes every half hour is going to cause your mind to drift. Hide your phone under a pillow or your jacket at the other side of the room… You’re so much less likely to feel the need to check it when you have to get up to do so!


Ensure you get a nutrient dense breakfast and lunch and keep a stash of brain boosting snacks on your desk to munch on whilst you work. If you love food as much as us, you’ll relate when we say trying to focus with a hungry tummy is NEVER going to happen! Our favourite foods for helping with concentration include oily fish, blueberries, bananas, nuts, seeds, broccoli, brown rice and spinach. Like with many things, eating right can improve your brain by incredible amounts – so be sure to get in those essential nutrients and feel them work their magic!

Got any tips to share? We always love trying new ways to keep focused at the desk!