January 16, 2017 1:20 pm

When the winter blues kick in and it seems like every one around you is dropping with the flu – it’s important to look after yourself from the inside so that you can glow on the outside; even on the most miserable of January days.

Sure, you can head to your local Boots, chemist, health shop or even supermarket and pick up a box of vitamins that will *supposedly* help boost your immunity (what’s wrong with just eating the real deal?) – but they can also be expensive and not as effective as they might claim. Recently, spices have finally been given the credit they deserve for when it comes to strengthening your body’s ability to combat the cold and help you to restore your health and balance when you need it most.

Our favourite picks? Allow us to introduce you to what we call ‘The Power Trio’ of spices: Warming cinnamon, fragrant turmeric and punchy ginger – all of which are refreshingly purse friendly and totally natural. No funny business; just real ingredients that have been used for centuries in Avyureic medicine to treat illness, upset stomachs and flu. What’s not to like?


Cinnamon is for life, not just for Christmas. We all know and love it as the signature spice to pep up your favourite festive treats – and rightly so; it’s pretty delicious. But it’s health benefits are beyond impressive, and many people may not think of them when they see cinnamon modestly hidden on the spice rack. Not only is it a powerful anti-inflammatory, but it is also great for digestive system and it contains salicylates  (a powerful compound found in aspririn) which can provide pain relief. Try sprinkling some on top of your coffee, in to your porridge on your banana toast for the perfect anti-bloating remedy. Hey, why not order our hot chocolate and ask for extra cinnamon sprinkles? If you’re in need of comfort but want to stay on track with your health game; that ticks every single box.


Ahh, ginger… Where do we start with you? Our love for this spice will never end, and we can’t get enough particularly at time of year. It packs a punch of flavour and peps up lemon water with just a few slices – but it also aids in digestion and soothes stomach issues. What else is that studies have shown that consuming ginger on a regular basis has been proven to aid in arthiris, and even protect against liver damage and certain cancers. Use ground ginger in your baking, grate some in to your hot milk or simply slice it up and add to your hot water for the ultimate mid afternoon pep up. We also love our raw energy juice with LOTS of ginger to have during meetings to keep our brains focused… Works a treat every time!


Turmeric has been a big thing in the wellness industry over the past couple of years – and you better believe us when we say it ain’t going anywhere any time soon! And why should it? This anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer spice contains curcumin – which may help to combat IBS. It has also been shown in clinical studies that it can help to prevent cancers from forming. Yup – not bad for that bright orange powder you thought was just to add colour to curries, right? Come and try our turmeric latte, add it to your soups and even in to your pancakes if you’re feeling adventurous! It really is so versatile, and a teaspoon a day is all you need to reap the benefits.

What are your fave ways to enjoy The Power Trio? Leave a comment below – we’re always looking for new inspo from our Filmorites!

Big love,

Team F&U x