The Filmore & Union guide to a healthy hangover

October 11, 2017 2:04 pm

Last week, we were named in the Independent’s 10 of the best places to cure your hangover in Leeds. As the article said: “Sometimes a healthy option is more satisfying than something greasy when you’re feeling fragile.” Not convinced? Here’s our guide to how and why you should make your hangover a healthy one.

Get over the guilt

Hangovers often come with an underlying feeling of guilt, no matter how great a night you had. Stocking up on healthy food and drink won’t just stop you from adding to your reasons to feel guilty, it’ll also give you a dose of mood-lifting vitamins to help you look on the bright side of a rough night!

Juice up!

Speaking of stocking up on vitamins, fresh juices are a great way to replenish your dehydrated and lacklustre hungover insides quickly and without lots of effort. It’ll also help keep your immune system in check which may have been compromised by your big night out.

It’s so tempting to reach for sugary drinks when hungover but a natural juice with ingredients like lemon, ginger, kale, and pineapple will help soothe an upset stomach while restoring your mojo – and will give you slow release energy to make the most of the day rather than a sugar-crash. Add a shot like wheatgrass, activated charcoal, or aloe vera and you’ll quickly shake off that down-trodden feeling.

Breakfast like a boss

It’s the most important meal of the day and although you may have slept through your usual breakfast time following a big night out, don’t skip it. Protein rich breakfast foods like eggs and oats are perfect for hangovers. Bananas and yogurt are also good for a potassium pick-me-up.

Take a coffee break

In moderation, a good quality coffee will give you a much needed energy kick and warm glow when hungover. Team it with a guilt free treat made with all natural ingredients to ward off the afternoon hangover lull.

‘Feel good’ comfort food

As the day goes on and your initial enthusiasm that you can fight the hangover begins to wane, it’s time to indulge in some comfort food that won’t make matters worse. Soup is great for rehydrating and giving you a hangover ‘hug in a bowl’, but if you need something more substantial then just make sure it’s as natural as possible. Processed food is only going to set you back to square one. Our curries (which include a vegan massaman with chestnuts, prunes and cashews) and burgers (which include a hearty beef and chorizo burger with smoked cheese and sweet potato wedges) offer a ‘feel good’ alternative that will leave you more satisfied for longer.

Get active

Getting moving is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re hungover but there’s no doubt about the fact it will help blow away the cobwebs and make you feel better and less likely to spend all day sitting around eating junk. Even a short walk can make all the difference and something like a gentle yoga session is easily doable even when delicate.

Escape to the country

There’s nothing like a bit of country fresh air to give you a boost when you are nursing a hangover! The outside seating areas at our restaurants in Ilkley and Skipton are the perfect spots to watch the world go by and fuel up before exploring the local scenery.

Prevention is better than the cure

We all know that the best way to avoid a horrible hangover is to not drink too much, but there are ways that you can still enjoy a few while limiting the after-effects. Firstly, lining your stomach with some natural, wholesome food will help to not only soak up the booze but reduce the temptation for that end of the night greasy takeaway. What you choose to drink on a night out also makes a big difference to the way you’ll feel the next day. Better quality wines and beers, and cocktails made with fresh ingredients (like our G&Tea with gin, green tea, cardamom, mint and lime) are much less likely to leave you with a sore head. Sugar free prosecco is also a good option!