August 11, 2016 11:57 am

Nothing makes us happier than supporting the younger generation - be it to get fit, reach their goals or to get out there and have fun with their friends!

That’s exactly why we are so proud to be sponsoring Dringhouses football club - who we were introduced to by our wonderful Wetherby team member Debbie, who’s son plays for the team!

The highlight of our week had to be going to watch them play against Huntingdon in the League Cup Final - where they smashed the game, coming out with a 2-0 win! And the best bit? Seeing them reppin’ Filmore with their rad new uniform!

To top it off - they also won a super special cup award for ‘The Best Conduct’ - which was given to them from the referees. That’s outta the ENTIRE league. So proud! Debbie was also delighted when her son Sam won player of the year award… His grin says it all, eh?

They wrapped up the winning game with a Filmore brownie to finish… Well deserved, we think you’ll agree!