February 13, 2015 12:17 pm

Is it getting hot in here, or is just the superfoods in our kitchen?

Yup, things are getting steamy in the health world as we’re sharing our top foods for getting you in ‘the mood’, just in time for Valentines Day…

Raw Chocolate

Aside from being downright sexy itself, chocolate fuels the release of endorphins and serotonin due to its high levels of PEA (phenylethylamine) which induces excitement, attraction and euphoria. Raw cacao, the pure form of chocolate (which we use lots of at Filmore & Union) also contains tryptophan which promotes a sense of wellbeing and relaxation – perfect for getting you in the mood.


The sweet, nutty aroma of almonds is said to arouse the passion in females, but if smelling them simply isn’t enough, eating them is also amazing for your health (and sex life). Almonds are packed with skin boosting fats as well as an abundance of vitamin E, magnesium and fibre to help keep you going, and going, and going.


Honey has long been associated with sexual desire due to it being a great source of boron, a trace mineral that helps the body use and metabolise oestrogen, the female sex hormone. The mineral also enhances testosterone levels in the blood, promoting sex drive and pleasure in both men and women.


The anti-oxidant packed pomegranate is a sensual powerhouse famous for boosting testosterone levels. This ancient fruit also encourages blood flow by protecting the lining of the blood vessels, making it easier to get your blood pumping (and your heart racing).


These seductive stalks are loaded with potassium, fibre, vitamin B6, vitamins A and C and thiamine, as well as folic acid which boosts the production of histamine which is needed by both sexes to reach orgasm.

Avocados and Bananas

These two sexy superfruits are packed with potassium and body loving nutrients that are key when it comes to enhancing the male libido. Not only do they look sexual (the avocado tree was called the ‘testicle tree’ by the Aztecs) but they’re also known for increasing testosterone…

We wish you all a beautiful Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love and passion! X