Can We Use Mixer Instead Of Blender For Ice Cream?

While there are many culinary devices available to assist you in making ice cream, you may also prepare a batch with items you most likely already have on hand. So, can we use mixer instead of blender for ice cream?

The answer is yes. When it comes to churning cream or making ice cream, you may use either of these tools to produce homemade ice cream; either a mixer or a blender will suffice.

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Mixer And Blender Function Overview

In your kitchen, both mixers and blenders play a vital role. While each of these instruments has a specific purpose, you can use them interchangeably. 

We will explain the distinctions between this essential kitchen equipment and when and the proper ways to use them.

When To Use A Blender?

Making Ice Cream With A Blender

Blenders, in the most general sense, convert solids into liquids. In addition, blenders have strong motors. This feature makes them ideal for recipes that call for crushing or cutting solid bits of food or ice. 

Many people use blenders for the following purposes:

  • Chopping

  • Liquifying

  • Pureeing

  • Crushing 

If you're creating a smoothie, for example, a blender is the best choice. A powerful blender might smash the fruits and ice you're using in your smoothie. Milkshakes and dips may also form using these devices.

However, there are several situations in which you should use a blender. For example, you want to prepare beaten eggs or mashed potatoes. For both tasks, a blender is too harsh. 

Your eggs will turn rubbery, and the mashed potatoes will stick like glue. So going for a  mixer is a better idea in these and some other situations.

When To Use A Mixer?

Making Ice Cream By A Mixer

A mixer is an essential baking equipment. You may use a mixer to make knead dough, batters, and much more. Compared to blenders, these devices are a little kinder. Mixers blend materials into a smooth, uniform shape rather than crushing them. 

When a recipe instructs you to accomplish one of these ways, use a mixer:

  • Whisking

  • Whipping

  • Beating

  • Kneading

When To Use Either?

Surprisingly, there are certain instances when you can use any of these devices and obtain decent results. 

Both mixers and blenders, for instance, can shred chickens. On the other hand, cooked chicken flesh is soft enough for every mixer to handle, although mixers are not ideal for cutting food. 

You can use both of this equipment to make homemade butter when it comes to churning cream or creating ice cream; whether it's a mixer or a blender will suffice. 

These two pieces of kitchen equipment are ideal for a variety of tasks. But the essential thing is to know what each device's main job is. 

When in doubt, you need to remember this simple rule:

  • Using a blender to chop solid bits of food is a good idea. 

  • Use a mixer to combine contents without trying to break down solids.

Can We Use A Mixer Instead Of Blender For Ice Cream?

Can You Use A Mixer Instead Of A Blender?

Fresh handmade ice cream seems to have a texture that is simultaneously smooth, rich, and creamy. And with a bit of practice, you can fine-tune the strength of classic tastes like chocolate or vanilla or create your own. 

However, if you do not possess a blender at home, a mixer can handle the task effectively. Here's a standard ice cream recipe from Filmore & Union that fits in most ice cream machines, even the mixer, and that you may tweak to your heart's content.

What You Will Need?

  • 2 1/4 gallon whole milk 

  • 1 cup whipped cream  

  • 3/4 cup sugar (white) 

  • 2 tsp vanilla essence, strawberry jam, cocoa powder, rum, or other flavors

How To Make Ice Cream With A Stand Mixer Instead Of A Blender?

If you don't have a blender, you can use a mixer to make homemade ice cream. Stand mixers are fantastic for many types of baking, cooking, and they are a faithful worker in our kitchen.

Follow these instructions or the ones in this video to understand better making homemade ice cream with a mixer.


YouTube source: Food52

Step 1: Combine And Whisk The Mix On High Speed

Combine And Whisk

In a moderate mixing basin, combine all ingredients and whisk them until the sugar melts. After you've combined everything, chill it for at least 30 minutes or an hour if possible.

Then, the ice cream attachment includes a big bowl, a magnetic connection, and a unique paddle. Next, it's time to put the large bowl in the refrigerator for a bit before using it. 

Based on how frequently you make ice cream and how ample your freezer space is, you may want to keep it in the freezer, so it is available anytime you get an ice cream desire.

Step 2: Run The Mixer On Low Speed And Add Other Ingredients

Turn your mixer on low once you've finished assembling the ice cream attachments. While gently pouring in the ice cream base, it is critical to keep the mixer going. 

Then let the mixer work for 15 to 20 minutes. Stop it once the ice cream has reached the desired hardness level, wipe down each side, and paddle into a sealed container. 

Step 3: Freeze

Handmade Ice Cream

Before scraping it down, add foodstuff like Oreo cookies or fruits if you want. Next, start adding your ingredients and run the mixer for a while. 

It's crucial to remember that the bowl will be pretty frozen and cold when you tidy it up, so set it on the table until it gets warmer. Otherwise, rinsing the extremely cold dish with hot water may cause it to fracture.


Here are some frequently asked questions that we have collected while researching this field. We hope that they benefit you.

1. How To Care For A Mixer?

Mixers, like blenders, should not be overworked. However, because you will not be using the mixer to crush hard chunks of food, instead, combine ice cream, it is much easier to prevent. 

Cleaning is crucial when it comes to mixers. Notice that your mixer is unplugged before wiping it off for safety reasons. Also, because the mixer accessories are detachable, you can clean them individually.

2. Is There Any Method To Make Ice Cream Apart From Using A Mixer And A Blender?

Making Ice Cream Using Plastic Bags

There are plenty of ways to make handmade ice cream apart from those ways. Here are steps to do so using plastic bags.

The squeeze-and-freeze approach is similar to this one but is a little more kid-friendly because there is no chance of dropping glass. 

First, pour the ice cream ingredients into two moderate bags, squeeze out the air, and seal firmly. 

After that, please place it in gallon-sized bags with four cups of smashed ice and four teaspoons of coarse salt. The salt decreases the freezing point of the ice, creating an additional chilly environment that heats up and freezes the ice cream foundation. 

Then, shake the plastic bags for roughly seven to ten minutes, or until your ice cream has frozen while covering your hands.

3. How Many Types Of Mixers?

There are two types of mixers that you can use both for making ice cream.

Hand Mixers

A hand mixer, like a regular immersion blender, is a smaller and lighter mixer alternative. Hand mixers are comfortable to handle and use. They are an excellent choice for any baker. 

Stand Mixers

A stand mixer, in comparison to a hand mixer, is a much more permanent instrument. The stand mixer comes with a built-in basin and can be used on its own on the table. 

In the cooking area, a stand mixer may help you save effort and time. It is due to the design of the stand mixer, which enables you to switch it on and let it work on its own. 

For example, you may work on another baking project while the mixer is running. Please take a look at it and switch it off when finishing the mixing.

4. Why Is My Handmade Ice Cream Icy?

Your ice cream might be frosty for a variety of reasons. The first thing is to use low-fat milk. When previously stated, fat aids in the smoothness of ice cream when it's getting frozen. 

Ice crystals will develop during the cooling process if there is not enough fat in the ice cream recipe, resulting in an icy end product. 

When it comes to ice crystals, failing to beat the ice cream regularly and well enough might result in frosty ice cream. If you correctly beat the ice cream, any crystals formed will be broken up and will not grow any larger.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can answer the question “can we use mixer instead of blender for ice cream?” and get into making one at home with your hand or stand mixer.

These two kitchen appliances are useful for several purposes. But the most important thing is to understand what each device's primary function is.

Thanks for reading!

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