Cuisinart Coffee Maker How Many Scoops Per Cup To Make The Best Coffee?

Coffee machines are a reliable and convenient way to help coffee fanatics enjoy the drink. This fact leads to a bulk of brands who create coffee makers with unique features and competitive prices. Cuisinart coffee maker is one of them.

Cuisinart is proud of its brew method with a stronger-flavor cup of coffee. But for the Cuisinart coffee maker, how many scoops per cup to produce the best brew? What is the golden ratio?

  1. You should take one scoop of ground coffee with 180 millimeters of water for each cup of coffee using the Cuisinart coffee machine. 

The article by Filmore & Union will help you make the best brew of coffee.

Let’s read on to discover!

What Is A Scoop Of Coffee?

A scoop of coffee to make a cup


A scoop of coffee is generally one tablespoon (tbsp). It is equal to a 5-gram amount of ground coffee.

But a few coffee maker producers offer a scoop which is two tablespoons. It is equal to a 10-gram amount of ground coffee.

There are a lot of coffee scoops with double sides as well. One side is one tablespoon, and the other is two tablespoons. It is necessary to indicate which size you will use. 

After all, no matter what size of scoop you have, you will need to prepare two tablespoons (10 grams of ground coffee) per 180 milliliters (6 fluid ounces) of water.

How Many Scoops Per Cup In Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

A Cuisinart coffee maker

A scoop of ground coffee for a cup

According to the instructions by the Cuisinart manufacturer, you should take a level scoop of ground coffee to make a cup. A scoop in Cuisinart coffee makers is equal to two tablespoons. In other words, it is an amount of 10 grams.

Then, to brew a cup using the Cuisinart coffee machine with the best taste, you will need a scoop of ground coffee and 180 milliliters of water.

So how about 8 cups of coffee using the Cuisinart coffee machine? When the number is larger, there are some variables here, not the amount of ground coffee but the amount of water. In this case, you should follow the golden ratio to make the best coffee.

The golden ratio is 1:18, in which one proportion of ground coffee (grams) goes with 18 proportions of water capacity (milliliter).

This rule emerges from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). Generally speaking, it seems to be the standard for the coffee brewing world.

According to the golden ratio, you have:

Number of cups Grams of ground coffee Number of scoops
1 9 ≈ 1
2 17 ≈ 2
5 42 ≈ 4
6 50 ≈ 5
8 67 ≈ 7

How To Make Coffee With A Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

How do you make coffee in a Cuisinart coffee maker? After you have the right formula for brewing coffee with a Cuisinart coffee maker, now you can practice by following the steps below correctly to make the best coffee.

Making coffee with a Cuisinart coffee maker

Fill the water in the reservoir

First, you need to prepare the needed water. You take the water reservoir and lift the lid to open it. Then, you pour the right amount of water into the reservoir.

It will be better if you take advantage of the water level indicator staying on the side of the coffee machine. Finally, you should close the lid tightly.

The Cuisinart coffee maker has the function of purifying water.

It consists of a charcoal water filter to get rid of chlorine, unacceptable smells, and flavors for the best-quality coffee taste in each brew of coffee. Since coffee drinks contain 98% of water, the better the water is, the richer the flavor tastes.

Pour the ground coffee

In this step, you add the right amount of ground coffee into the coffee machine.

One notable thing is inserting a paper filter or a gold-tone filter. You have to ensure that the paper filter is entirely open and perfectly embedded in the bag. This action will prevent the paper filter from folding and flattening the seams.

The maximum amount of fine-ground coffee is 15 tbsp for this coffee machine. If you exceed this capacity, it can lead to overflow. The result will be coffee with bad taste.

Locate the carafe 

You should lay the carafe on the heating plate. It is necessary for the lid to be closed tightly. Then, you plug the Cuisinart coffee maker into a power outlet.

Set your preference

There are multiple choices for you to choose from. You can select the desired option to match the number of cups of coffee.

  • Option 1: Touch the button of 1-4 cups if you intend to brew fewer than five cups. The indicator light will light up.
  • Option 2: Touch the bold button to choose a fuller-bodied coffee flavor if you want. The button’s indicator light will light up. If not, you just need to touch again to shut off the light and brew at the normal flavor.
  • Option 3: Select the desired carafe temperature with low, medium, or high by touching the Carafe Temperature button. Your choice will show on display.

Start Brewing 

In this step, you will need to touch the brew/off button to start brewing coffee. Then, it’s time for waiting. You can do other interesting things until the Cuisinart coffee machine informs you that your coffee is ready.

If you worry that you may forget to shut off the coffee machine, the Cuisinart model will help you with an automatic shut-off feature. You are free to do anything else without any concern.

After brewing 

Once Cuisinart coffee makers have completed the brewing cycle, there will be five beeps. After that, the coffee liquid will continue to pour from the paper filter for a couple of seconds. 

The water reservoir coverage may keep hot during the process of brewing coffee. To avoid any risk of burn injuries, you should wait about 10 minutes before opening the lid to pour coffee into the cup.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, you will need to prepare a scoop of ground coffee to make a cup using the Cuisinart coffee machine. When you want to brew more cups of coffee, the recommendation is to rely on the golden ratio to make the best brew.

Remember that you cannot add more than 15 tablespoons of ground coffee into the Cuisinart coffee machine. In other words, no more than 7,5 scoops of coffee are acceptable.

Now, grind the coffee beans, heat the water, and brew your lovely coffee!

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