How Many M&Ms Are In The Manual Food Processor?

Have you ever wondered how many M&M’s are in the manual food processor? Once you’ve figured it out, the result will make you say “Wow” for sure.

To do the calculation, Filmore & Union will offer two formulas. You need to measure the volume of the manual food processor or any container you want and then apply the formula to get the result.

Now, it’s time to dig in and study some fun facts about the most popular candies in the world!

How Big Is A Manual Food Processor? 

A manual food processor is cooking equipment that enables a chef to chip and slice without electricity. The chef has to use his physical strength to push the blades.

All these processors feature a main container or a holding cup. Sometimes the device comes with a lid for the cooks to store their cups. With a spacious container, many people choose the manual food processor to keep M&M’s.

The size of a manual food processor varies as well. The tiniest ones can carry around a cup of water, which is about 236.6 milliliters.

These models are ideal for preparing small meals like salsa. Larger versions can store up to 20 cups or 4.7 liters.

Manual food processors vary in size

How Big Is An M&M?

M&M’s are chocolate pieces that come in a variety of colors. You may notice the letter “m” printed on one side of a chocolate piece. 

An M&M’s piece consists of a candy shell enclosing a filling that varies based on the M&M variation.

M&M’s are now available in a bigger size. We’re referring to the M&M’s candy itself, not the packaging. M&M’s Mega is about twice as big as ordinary M&M’s and holds three times the amount of chocolate as a regular milk chocolate M&M.

M&M Megas are approximately the size of a nickel or 2.12 centimeters in diameter. On the other hand, ordinary M&M’s are around 1.04 centimeters in diameter.

Each M&M candy’s mass, size, and shape will almost certainly differ. However, the manufacturer is pretty sure to keep strict quality standards in place. Hence, the fluctuation of these features will most likely be minor.

M&M’s candies differ in shape, color, and size

Formula For Calculating The Quantity Of M&M’s According To The Container’s Volume 

Some researchers have conducted experiments to figure out the formula to estimate the number of M&M’s put in a container.

The formula uses a standard size of an M&M’s piece.

We’ll have two options to the calculation:

  • Formula 1: The number of M&M’s = V _container x 0.6850.636ml
  • Formula 2: The number of M&M’s = 1011946ml/ V_containe

How Many M&M’s Are In The Manual Food Processor? 

We already have the formulas. Now, it’s time to figure out how many M&M’s could be in a manual food processor. Since a food processor varies in size, we will choose some most popular options to compare:

  • Size 1: 1 cup  (237 milliliters)
  • Size 2: 3 cups (10 milliliters)
  • Size 3: 14 cups (3312 milliliters)
  • Size 4: 20 cups (4732 milliliters)

And here is what we’ve finally get:

Number of M&M’s in manual processors
Processor size Number of M&M’s (formula 1) Number of M&M’s (formula 2)
Size 1 255 253
Size 2 764 759
Size 3 3,567 3,540
Size 4 5,097 5,057

Please note that these are just approximate results. We can also notice the minor gap between the two formulas. In general, applying the first formula gets a higher number.

After calculating, we have some interesting conclusions as follows:

  • The formulae are accurate to a maximum of 98%.
  • With containers of 1 gallon (3785.41 ml) or less, both formulas produced results within 0.8 percent of each other.
  • The formulas are less accurate in calculating the actual number of M&M’s as the container gets larger.
  • The form of the container has an influence on the total of M&M’s it can store.

How Many M&M’s In Some Certain Containers?

Since you’ve got two formulas and the results are pretty identical, let’s try comparing a food processor with some other containers.

A cup

A standard cup carries 30ml of liquid. With the calculation mentioned, a typical cup can accommodate around 255 M&M’s, varying in the shape of the cup.

A baby bottle

We estimate that around 255 M&M’s will fit inside a 250ml infant bottle. If you’re using a half smaller bottle, the figure would be 127. 

A school bus

The internal dimensions of a regular school bus could be 24 x 8 x 6 feet. We’ll suppose that M&M’s can take up 95% of the available area. So, we obtain about 33,386,427 M&M’s using the calculation in the article.

Olympic-standard swimming pool

An Olympic swimming pool’s length, breadth, and depth are roughly 164 feet long, 82 feet wide, and 6 feet deep. To fill the pool, you need about 2,395,160,000 M&M’s. 

You need more than 2 billions M&M’s to fill this pool

Other Interesting Facts About M&M 

The curiosity about the number of M&M’s fitting in specific containers is interesting. Aside from this popular estimation, this candy brand also has some fun facts. Even if you’re a big fan of M&M, these facts are still surprising. Let’s see what they are.

  • M&M’s original colors were red, green, yellow, brown, and violet. In 2020, the number of colors available in M&M products was 24. 
  • The candy shells are beautiful, but they have to taste.
  • M&M’s first big customer was the Army in the USA. The soldiers wanted to bring chocolate along without melting even under tropical weather conditions. And, there came M&M.
  • M&M was also the very first sweet in space. The astronauts at that time chose M&M as their food supply.
  • M&M manufacturers make billions of candies every day.
  • M&M’s Worlds is available in seven megacities in the world. 
It must be fun to explore more about M&M’s

You can discover more fun facts about M&M’s right here.

Source : Youtube Colossal Cranium


A manual food processor can contain about 200 to more than 500 M&M’s. The answer is appropriate since those chocolate pieces are tiny. We don’t often eat M&M’s one by one for a reason.

The interesting calculation we’ve made is all about fun. However, we may notice more about the size of M&M candies.

The manufacturer doesn’t plan to increase the candy size. Most of us are familiar with the little sweet. We can also avoid sugar consumption thanks to the small size. 

Hopefully, you will find this article interesting. 

Thank you for reading!

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