How Many Lemonheads In Food Processors?

Figuring out the number of Lemonheads in specific containers is an interesting quiz. How many Lemonheads are in food processors?

A regular food processor may have a capacity of 10 cups. It can hold about 2,250 Lemonheads on average. However, since various sizes are available for a food processor, the number of Lemonheads may also vary.

Today, Filmore and Union will give you a correct answer for each food processor from different brands. Let’s read on to discover!

What Is A Lemonhead?

Lemonhead is a confectionery brand from the United States. Lemonheads are lemon-flavored spherical candies with a sweet covering, a sour coating, and a rigid candy core.

Lemonheads aren’t your ordinary sour treat. They pack a punch of lemony flavor without being too acidic to make you cringe. It’s the ideal balance of tart and sweet, with a taste of lemon to bring everything together.

How Big Is A Lemonhead?

A Lemonhead is small. Often, you have to eat two or more of these candies to really taste them.

The most common size of a Lemonhead is 1 centimeter. This size is also the standard scale for it. Sometimes, you may see Lemonheads available in a size of 3 centimeters. However, this dimension is quite rare. 

The most common size of a Lemonhead is 1 centimeter

How Many Lemonheads In A Cup?

The cup is a volume measurement used in cooking. It can deal well with serving and cooking sizes. One cup is usually equivalent to one-half of a US pint, or 236.6 ml.

To figure out how many Lemonheads in a food processor, we’ll utilize a cup as an intermediary unit of measurement.

The capacity of a regular cup is 236 ml. Consequently, depending on the form of the cup, a cup should hold around 255 Lemonheads.

How Big Is A Food Processor?

Food processors are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3-cup to 20-cup models. 

The optimum size for you depends on the number of guests you usually cook for and the dishes you’ll make. 

An 11-cup size processor might be adequate if you’re frequently cooking for your family or making single-batch bread dough.

If you frequently chop minor quantities of nuts or herbs or make small batches of sauces, a processor with a small manufacturing bowl and blade is ideal. Alternatively, for these chores, purchase a second 3-cup processor.

Food processors may vary a lot in size

How Many Lemonheads In Food Processors?

While the size of a Lemonhead is consistent, food processors vary a lot in size. As a result, we may need to compare different devices from various brands to have a correct answer.

Let’s have a look at this table for a visual comparison.

How many lemon heads in the food processor?
Type of food processor Capacity Number of  equivalent Lemonheads
Ninja Professional 9 cups 2,025
Cuisinart Elemental 13 cups 2,925
Breville Sous Chef 12 cups 2,700
KitchenAid Cordless 5 cups 1,125
Magic Bullet 2 cups 450
Ninja Mega Kitchen 8 cups 1,800
Bella Pro Series 8 cups 1,800
Thermomix TM6 9 cups 2,025

We have just listed one outstanding model from each brand. The result will change if you name another model. 

For example, the food processor from KitchenAid Cordless has a capacity of 5 cups in the table above. However, KitchenAid also offers another series that can hold 9 cups. It may hold up to 2,025 Lemonheads.

Another point to conclude from the table is the average capacity of food processors. Typically, a standard processor can hold about 2,250 Lemonheads since its capacity is around 10 cups.

The smallest figure occurs in the Magic Bullet model. It is twice as big as a cup. As a result, it can only hold about 450 Lemonheads. 

On the other hand, the largest capacity is 13 cups from Cuisinart Elemental. You can use it to store approximately 3,000 Lemonheads at a time.

What Sizes May Food Processors Come In?

You can estimate the number of Lemonheads in any food processor now. Aside from the models we mentioned above, there are some other sizes. Learn more and decide which size is suitable for you via this video.

Source: Youtube KitchenAid

Multiple choices come up in terms of size selection. We can divide food processor size into four main types: small, medium, large, and extra large.

Small size

A small processor has a capacity of 3 to 4 cups. This line is suitable for processing small quantities of food, such as chopping herbs or mincing garlic.

Although this model is small, it is compact and easy to move around. The setup and operation are also the simplest.

Medium size

There should be 7 to 10 cups in a medium food processor. This average size is best for dicing, slicing, and chopping tasks. If you’re cooking for about four people, this option is ideal.

Large size

A big processor can serve a bigger size of food since it can deal with 11 to 13 cups.

The medium and large sizes are the most popular options for food processors. You can easily find them in your local store to serve tons of purposes. 

Extra-large size

The largest processor available in the market can hold up to 14 to 20 cups. If you’re planning for big gatherings and events, nothing can beat this vast machine.

20-cups is the largest size of a food processor


The table we provided may show you the number of Lemonheads for some specific food processors. Knowing the answer is not only for fun but also gives you a comprehensive understanding of a food processor’s capacity.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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