Dietary Requirements

At Filmore, we understand that eating out can be a struggle when you suffer from food allergies, to the point where you have to redesign a meal for your needs, which totally ruins the fun of going out. Fortunately, that’s where Filmore comes in. That fact that people with different dietary requirements can choose something enjoyable from our menus, with the assurance that their bodies will agree, is what really sets us apart from other brands. As we make absolutely everything ourselves, we know every single ingredient that is in the food we provide and you don’t have to worry about a thing! Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, paleo or dairy free – we can offer you a meal that is full of nutrients and tastes delicious. We are not a nut free kitchen as we just love using them for their powerful, high protein and good fat content – we do however have many nut free dishes. Please advise staff of any allergies upon ordering. 


With a wide choice of gluten free options and 100% gluten free cakes, it really is no wonder we have Coeliac UK’s accreditation to show how passionate we are about catering for gluten free diets. As a nation we consume so many processed foods and carbohydrates that can only cause strain on our digestion – hence why more and more people are becoming intolerant to gluten. Although the market is starting to cater for the gluten free diet, the food can often be full of sugar and chemicals to replace it. However, absolutely everything we offer is made with pure ingredients which don’t taste a thing like the boring, ‘cardboard-like’ gluten free products which are mass-produced for the shelves. Even non-coeliacs can’t tell the difference between our gluten free and non-gluten free food. This is because our dishes have not been amended to be made available for gluten free diets but are naturally free from gluten and packed with the vibrant flavours from the fresh produce we use!


It’s simple – dairy is produced for cows, by cows, who have four stomachs and can therefore easily digest the milk. That explains why so many of us have an intolerance to dairy, yet leads to the question of why it is so hard to find dairy free options when eating out. Thankfully, that’s not the case with us! We offer soya, coconut and almond milk to go in your coffee or smoothies, as well as hemp protein (a vegetable based protein) to go in your porridge, pancakes or smoothies. As for our food, the soups are always 100% dairy free, as we believe cream and milk are simply not needed to make a deliciously creamy dish. Even some of our cakes are dairy free – and trust us when we say they are just as moist and fluffy as you’d hope!


Refined sugar is hands down the number one worst thing you could put in your body. It stores as fat, decreases energy levels and when consumed in large amounts can lead to life threatening illnesses and diseases. Who needs it, anyway? When nature gives us natural sweeteners such as agave syrup, maple syrup, raw honey and molasses we believe it would be a shame not to use them. That’s why we use them in our food – to give that indulgent taste with out the processed nastiness. We particularly love to drizzle them on our porridge, add them to our smoothies and use them in our famous chocolate brownies! Honestly, once you give up sugar, you won’t go back – and we can help you make the change.


We recognise that having a dietary requirement doesn’t necessarily mean being intolerant to something but simply meaning you want to watch the amount of fat you’re consuming for weight loss or health reasons. As a health brand, we believe in using ‘good fats’ rather than artificial replacements. Our favourite sources of these are nuts and high quality dairy products which fuel your body as nature intended. As for cooking, saturated fat laden margarine and vegetable oils are out of the question. Coconut oil, on the other hand, is our holy grail of oils for cooking as it’s a medium chain fatty acid (meaning it stores as energy as opposed to fat) and is totally cold pressed and unrefined. We’re here to help you make these healthier switches in your life, resulting in a happier version of you that glows from the inside out.


From December 2014 all food outlets have to provide details about 14 allergens, including nuts, milk, mustard and lupin seeds, which are often used in flour. This information should be readily available for reference about all food on offer in the establishment and is now within all Filmore and Union stores.