Our Healthy Larder

Take a look inside of our healthy larder… a collection of what we believe are the staple products for creating truly healthy and delicious dishes. Everything you see here is a whole food, so you know absolutely nothing is processed in any way, just full of natural goodness to fuel the body and packed with  flavour to nourish the soul.


Derived from the blue agave plants in Southern Mexico, agave syrup is a low GI all-natural sweetener that we love using in our treats for a hit of natural sweetness!


A wonder spice that adds a vibrant pop of colour to food – from our seasonal tagines to omelettes and muffins! Turmeric has also been shown to help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and aid digestion.


These healthy heart-promoting legumes are naturally low fat protein powerhouses that are the perfect meat substitute. They are super versatile, too… In fact, adding them to our gluten free wraps and salads is our favourite way to get our lentil fix!


Never underestimate the power of edamame beans! Not only do they make a deliciously sweet yet crunchy addition to Asian dishes, but also just 1 cup contains 17g of protein!


These delicious buttery tasting nuts are bursting with monounsaturated fats to nourish the body and make the skin glow. We like to add them to stir fries to add a nutty crunch all whilst boosting the protein too!


Containing more iron per calorie than beef, this dark leafy green packs a punch of flavour. You’ll not only find kale in our deli sweet potato cakes, hot salads and soups – but also in our bakes! The versatility of kale is what makes us love it so much.


These vitality packed root vegetables are the healthy kind of carb to give the body tones of lasting energy and endurance. Our sweet potato wedges are a Filmore favourite side – making the perfect healthful addition to your lunch or dinner!


Almonds are known to be high skin loving benefits, making them one of our favourite nuts to cook with! We grind them up to form flour for our cakes or mix them in with our famous healthy granola for the ultimate goodness boost.


This fabulous ancient grain is super high in protein and is also gluten free – making it a total staple in our kitchens! From porridge to salads, quinoa adds a nutty flavour to every day dishes whilst giving them a BIG omega boost, too!


Similar to quinoa, buckwheat is a nutrient-dense gluten free grain that provides the most digestible form of protein to power the body with life enhancing energy. Buckwheat flour is one of our favourites to bake with – and our pancakes just wouldn’t be the same with out it!


Polenta is rich in the vital vitamins A and C to provide your bod with an abundance of wholesome goodness.


A creamy paste made from hulled sesame seeds that we love to mix in with our dressings, to boost a vibrant salad or add to our rejuvenating and simply delicious smoothies.


Super high in calcium, sesame seeds are amazing sprinkled on to dishes for an extra crunch. We particularly love them on our Asian inspired dishes!


These popular seeds are the ultimate protein source and because they form a ‘gel’ when combined with liquid – they also make a fabulous addition to bakes and savoury dishes to act as a natural ‘binder!’


This aromatic and warming spice is delicious in tagines and seasonings alike – and is also known to aid digestion. Spices like cumin have powerful healing properties which makes it a must have ingredient in the Filmore kitchen!


Derived directly from the maple plant’s sap, this natural sweetener is simply delicious drizzled on top of pancakes, stirred in to cakes or in to hot drinks!


We just can’t get enough of lucuma for a natural sweet hit that lasts! We love adding a teaspoon to our smoothies for a nurturing addition to fuel us with goodness through the day.


This body loving oil has a high smoking point, making it ideal for cooking or melting in to cakes for a dairy free butter replacement! Not only is it super tasty, but it is also great for nourishing the skin and providing long lasting energy.


These protein packed seeds are perfect for toasting and sprinkling on to salads, porridge or eggs for a fragrant crunch. We love adding cinnamon or tamari to bring out their flavour, too!


Perfect added to granola bars or sprinkled on top of porridges, salads and desserts – sunflower seeds never fail to amp up a dish with their flavoursome crunch!


An all natural protein source perfect for adding in to smoothies or sprinkling on to salads for when you need that extra boost to get the most out of your day. They are much easier to digest than many other proteins such as meat and dairy, which means a happy stomach if you have dairy intolerances!


This grain is 100% gluten free – which is why we love to use it’s flour in our cakes and bakes! It also makes a fabulous oat replacement in porridge… Just add stewed fruits and hot coconut milk then you’re good to go!


Derived from the sap from the flower of coconut palm, this sugar is bursting with antioxidants and is great for adding a natural sweetness to cakes.


This Egyptian nut, seed, and spice blend is a great way to season food and add packs of flavour, with out any unnecessary salt or refined sugars. As its so versatile, we have been loving it recently to cook with vegetables, blend with salad dressings or sprinkled on to our favourite evening dishes for a real warming flavour to really tingle those tastebuds!