Of course eating well has a huge significance in our ethos, but in order to live an all-round healthy lifestyle, fitness is equally as important to us. At Filmore & Union, we are passionate about maintaining an exercise regime to suit our individual needs – whether it’s weight training, running, swimming or yoga, we just can’t get enough of those post-workout endorphins! It’s not just about getting that lean physique either, exercise is an amazing stress reliever and even promotes good digestion – both crucial for feeling the best version of you.


We love sharing the yogi love and getting our zen on at Filmore – without our daily downward dogs and mountain poses we’d feel incomplete! WE love to get our heart rate with Hiitgirl; as well as focusing on the core strengthening, slow yoga flows, short bursts of high intensity training are also a feature of this fun, alternating workout.



This month, our tip for you is to start one new thing, even if it’s only once a week, that will boost your fitness, making you look and feel better for the rest of 2017! 
Here are a few of our suggestions: 1. Take up a team sport – it’ll get you out of the house once or twice a week and it’s a great way to make new friends. 2. Sign up for a challenging sports event, such as a marathon or charity run – once you’ve signed up, it will be much easier to motivate yourself to train. 3. Substitute something you already do for a healthier option – this could be trying some yoga moves instead of that 15 minutes you spend in front of the TV on a morning, or if you can try cycling or walking a regular journey that you might usually take by car. You’ll have to allow for the extra time it will take, but it’ll be worth it!