Can You Shred Chicken In A Food Processor? One Of The Most Effective Ways

Shredding chicken is a worthy technique to make plenty of dishes. It helps to consume the food more easily and boosts the flavor that chicken may lose.

However, getting chicken to the expected texture may take several hours. To make it easier, can you shred chicken in a food processor? 

A food processor can absolutely help shred chicken. If you’re in a hurry, it can help you shred the chicken quickly.

Yet, if your chicken is large, you should do it manually before putting it in your food processor to prevent over shredding.

Although shredding chicken using food processors can shorten the cooking, there are a few disadvantages that you need to be careful about.

Thus, you have to learn the way of shredding chicken properly to avoid any unexpected problems. Filmore & Union will help you go through step by step to make a delicious meal.

How To Shred Chicken Using Food Processors

How to shred chicken using a food processor

Using food processors to shred chicken is a great idea. It would take much less time than doing it by hand. To achieve the needed texture, you have to adopt the right technique along with the right tool. 

The type of blades 

In the imagination, users will be likely to employ the shredder disc instead of the slicer blade to shred chicken in a food processor. Yet, it is a bad idea to process food. The reason is the design of each type of blade.

The shredder disc comes with a shape of the disc followed by a lot of very small holes. This design will cause the chicken to become tiny meat threads that damage your dishes. Because you want larger crumbles of chicken, do you?

The slicer blade may produce good results in shredding chicken as its design consists of one or double sharp edges accompanied by large openings. 

You may find that it does not make sense to take the slicer rather than the shredder. But the latter one actually works well on the hard type of food. 

The right method

When you have prepared the slicer blade, you also have to use the right technique. 

To start with, you put the chicken on top. Ensure that you do not cram the chicken inside the food processor.

After some minutes of running the food processor, you should open the lid to see the performance. If you find some remaining chunky chicken, there are two options for you to continue the job:

  • Take out the chunky chicken and shred it by hand.
  • Take out the shredded chicken and leave the chunky chicken inside the food processor. Then, keep running the machine to shred the chicken food.

The suitable temperature

The final concern is determining whether to shred hot or cold chicken. To prevent the chicken from losing the juice, the recommendation is not to shred the meat when it is still heated.

You should let the chicken cool off a little after you have already made it. The best option is warm chicken. 

You can also shred the chicken while it is cold. However, cold meat may cause more challenges to shred. It can lead to a lot of chunks.

In that situation, do not continue shredding in the food processor. Pull the chunky chicken out and shred the remaining clusters by hand. 

Can You Shred Raw Chicken Using Food Processors?

The food processor is a multi-function kitchen aid. It can handle several tasks, consisting of chopping, grinding, shredding, or pureeing most kinds of food. 

It is possible to place raw chicken inside the food processor for shredding, grinding, chopping, or slicing if you want.

But, remember to clean the food processor properly after using it because it can come with some risks related to processing any raw meat. 

Can You Shred Cooked Chicken Using Food Processors?

Can you shred chicken using a food processor?

You can shred the chicken that has been already cooked. We would like to say that it is one of the most effective ways to shred the meat into the stringy chicken that you expect.

The chicken just has to be warm and soft enough to create the best result. If the meat is too hot, you probably miss the juice inside the food processor. 

Wrap Up

The shredded chicken will boost nutrition for every meal. It is also easier to consume than other types of dishes.

Still, shredding chicken can take much time and is burdensome. It is possible to shred the chicken using a food processor. Remember to use the slicer blade when the chicken is warm and tender enough.

If you do not have a food processor, you can use a mixer or a blender available in the kitchen. Thank you for reading!

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