Can You Use Instant Coffee In A Coffee Maker?

Instant coffee is a beverage from coffee in flour, pre-seasoned to taste, and processed by dry roasting. It is usually used immediately by making it with boiling water and stirring it well.

So, can you use instant coffee in a coffee maker? You should not make instant coffee with a coffee maker because it will cause problems with its machine and lose the inherent flavor of instant coffee.

However, there is an exception; you can use a drip coffee maker for instant coffee. To understand more, let’s follow Filmore & Union for the details!

How Many Types Of Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee has three types and is very convenient

Instant coffee is dried instant coffee that has been ground into powder or small granules for you to use in different ways. It’s typically easy storage and convenient usage, great for traveling.

There are three types of instant coffee: Freeze-dried, soluble, and spray-dried. The most popular of these are freeze-dried because it’s the only type that can rehydrate with cold water.


Freeze-dried instant coffee is made by drying the roasted coffee beans at a lower pressure. This process takes a few hours and finishes in a room with dry ice to speed up the process. 

Freeze-dried coffee tastes closest to “fresh” brewed coffee because it’s from full-roasted beans, not ground or brewed beans. It’s essential only to use freeze-dried instant coffee in small amounts as it’s more concentrated. 

The recommended amount is two tablespoons per cup of water, but you can adjust the ratio depending on your preference for how strong you want your drink.


Soluble instant coffee is made by extracting the water from brewed coffee and then dehydrating it. The result has a slightly different taste than freeze-dried but dissolves faster in hot water. 

It would help if you also cared not to over-stir soluble instant coffee as the ground particles can become too saturated and “gluey”.


Spray-dried instant coffee is made by spraying hot air at brewed coffee to dry it. The process results in a powder-like substance that dissolves easily in water.

It has the most similar taste to brewed or percolated coffee but is not as strong.

What Are The Benefits Of Instant Coffee?

Convenience in use is the biggest strength of instant coffee


Instant coffee is convenient to use and makes it easy to enjoy a cup of coffee without wasting time. 

You don’t have to brew to make an instant cup at any time instead of being tied down by waiting for a long brew cycle. You can also quickly clean up after use and save on paper filters. 

It’s more cost-effective than fresh-brewed coffee but has a different taste than boiled coffee or brewed coffee, which depending on your preference, maybe an advantage or disadvantage.

Should Instant Coffee Be Put In The Coffee Maker?

Don’t use the coffee maker to make instant coffee


To make sure your coffee maker is durable and problem-free while preserving the taste of instant coffee, you shouldn’t use a coffee maker for instant coffee. 

The best solution may be to purchase a coffee maker that can make both hot and cold beverages. As the Zojirushi EC-YTC100XB will allow you to brew standard filtered or unfiltered coffee.

Should instant coffee be put in a French press?

According to our experts, it is not advisable to use instant coffee in a French press because it dissolves too quickly. 

The best way to use instant coffee is by adding two tablespoons of powder or granules into a mug. Fill the mug with boiling water and stir it until all the grounds have dissolved and there are no lumps of powder left.

Is it possible to use espresso in the coffee maker?

No, espresso is a high-pressure form of coffee that requires exceptional coffee makers. It is not advisable to use espresso in the coffee maker.

For best results, use a drip coffee maker because it slowly waterfalls through the grounds, giving it time to extract more flavor from the beans. 

Is There A Coffee Maker For Instant Coffee?

A drip coffee maker can be used for instant coffee. If you want to make the best cup of coffee, select a coffee maker that uses a hot water carafe and cold water reservoir. 


The brewing of instant coffee also needs some caveats. Here are some questions about instant coffee brewing:

How do you make an instant cup of coffee without using boiling water?

Instant coffee can be made by soaking granules or powder overnight if the liquid isn’t hot enough. 

  • Measure two tablespoons of the powder or granules for every cup of water you are using. 
  • Put the amount into a jar, then pour enough cold water over it to cover it completely. 
  • Seal with a tight-fitting lid and shake well for five minutes. 
  • Before pouring the resulting liquid through a coffee filter, muslin cloth, or paper filters placed in a jug, allow time to settle.

What should I pay attention to make instant coffee delicious?

Instant coffee should be concentrated and only used in small amounts so that the taste is not too overpowering. Instant coffee should also be prepared using hot water instead of boiling water so that it can dissolve easily. 

There are many other ways you can make your instant coffee more flavorful, including adding sugar or milk to taste or adding a pinch of salt to add some taste.

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Instant coffee is an excellent option for those who are too busy or don’t want to spend the time making traditionally brewed coffee.

A drip coffee maker is the best choice if you want to use a coffee maker to make instant coffee. Filmore & Union hope our article can help you.

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