Does The Coffee Maker Really Make A Difference?

Coffee lovers have tried and responded differently with specific coffee tastes made from different bartenders and machines. Does the coffee maker really make a difference?

The answer is yes. Each coffee maker employs different technology. As a result, the outcome fluctuates in specific machines. Compared to those made by hand, the coffee produced by machines also has another level of taste and flavor.

Filmore & Union will explain the reason why you have different coffee from coffee makers. Let’s read on to discover!

How Does A Coffee Maker Work?

The core principle is the same regardless of whatever coffee maker you use. When ground coffee contacts water, which releases the bean flavor. The water goes down through the grounds in a filter, leaving grit-free coffee in the mug.

There are many different kinds of the coffee maker. In this article, we only discuss the two most popular ones: drip and espresso coffee makers.

Drip Coffee Maker

Making coffee using a drip coffee machine is relatively simple. It’s as straightforward as filling the reservoir, pouring coffee, setting the pot in place, and waiting. 

A drip coffee maker has a simple operation

Here’s a glance at the process of turning water into coffee in your drip machine:

Fill the reservoir with cold and filtered water. Then, shut it and let it perform its task.

The water flows into the cold-water pipe beneath the reservoir.

The cold-water pipe feeds water in the aluminum tube below the resistant heat source through a valve. Inside the machine, the water will flow up the hot-water line.

The heat source in the coffee maker starts to heat up as soon as you switch it on. The water in the metal pipe will begin to heat then.

The hot water travels via the hot-water pipe up via the coffee maker to the faucet by bubbles created by the hot water.

The faucet will spray the boiling water. It will drip onto the coffee grinds.

The hot water permeates the coffee grinds and brings their tastes down into the cup.

Please watch this video for a visual explanation. 

Source Youtube Folgers

Espresso Coffee Maker

Espresso coffee makers are a quick and easy way to achieve a high caffeine content in only a few tablespoons of coffee. After the water has warmed up, you’ll only have to wait nearly 30 seconds to enjoy your drink.

An espresso coffee maker can help achieve a high caffeine content

Here is how an espresso coffee maker works:

Put some water in the reservoir and start the machine.

The machine begins boiling the water and informs you when it has hit the ideal temperature.

Remove the portafilter from the device, then fill it with the coffee ground. 

Put the portafilter back into the device after pressing it.

Place a cup beneath the nozzle of your ready-to-drink coffee to retain the espresso when it’s ready.

The pump will turn on and compress the water within the heating container until it hits a level of around 220 psi.

The water moves out of the heat source and passes the coffee grinds into the portafilter. Finally, it will come out of the nozzle into your mug by the pressure.

Please watch this video for a visual explanation.

Source : Youtube Joshua Weissman

Does The Coffee Maker Really Make A Difference?

While the process sounds straightforward, the results might differ depending on the specific type of coffee machine employed. 

The taste produced from the ground coffee depends on the water temperature. Meanwhile, the length of time the water contacts beans might influence the brew’s quality. 

Various procedures for stirring or churning the grounds are also different in each coffee maker. Others, instead of pouring the water into a stream, sprinkle it on the ground.

As a result, a coffee maker does make a difference according to the techniques it applies.

A coffee maker does make a difference

What Makes Coffee Taste Different In Each Coffee Maker?

The taste created by a coffee maker depends on several factors. In terms of technology, here are some issues that matter:


Regarding making coffee, coffee fans understand that temperature is crucial. The temperature is usually between 195 and 205°F.

If you raise the temperature above the boiling point, the coffee may burn. If the water isn’t hot enough, the coffee can’t extract effectively from the ground coffee. 

Some coffee makers include a distinctive three-setting heat selection, which allows coffee lovers to choose between.

Brew strength

You may regulate the strength of the coffee flavor by adjusting the brewing intensity.

Each coffee maker offers a different allowance for intensity modification. It implies you’ll be able to change the flavor of your coffee without having to change the coffee grounds.


Filtering is essential for several reasons. To begin with, most of the coffee we consume comes from water. This feature implies that the quality of the final coffee depends on the water purity. A water filter can help remove flavor-altering contaminants in your drinking.

Coffee filtration is the second most essential filter. Reusable coffee filters are inexpensive, but they add up over time. They may also be fragile, allowing coffee grinds to spoil your beverage. 

A charcoal filter and a fixed coffee filter are available in specific coffee machines. It can make your cup of coffee as delicious and high-quality as you expect.

Should You Buy A Coffee Maker Or Buy Coffee In Cups?

Is making your own coffee better than buying one? The answer depends on your preference and requirements. Here are some factors that matter.


Making coffee is cheaper than buying. It may cost you at first to purchase the machine. 

However, while you can’t expect how many cups of coffee you may have, you know how much it costs to make your own coffee.


Some coffee lovers buy a machine to create their beverage. Unfortunately, they can’t make a tasty drink compared to what they buy from the coffee shop. The gap in coffee quality results from the coffee maker used and the skills of the bartender. 

It would be best if you practiced over and over to gain expertise in making coffee. Otherwise, you can obtain a high-quality drink from the shop.

On the other hand, making your own beverage allows you to customize the result. You will feel free to adjust the amount of coffee, water, and milk to your preference. Asking the bartender can’t easily have an ideal drink for your taste.

Buying coffee may also be more convenient

Frequently Asked Questions

Coffee lovers have shown their concerns towards the coffee makers. Here are some frequently asked questions from coffee lovers. We hope that you can also benefit from these questions.

What is the drip coffee machine?

A drip coffee maker is a device that drips liquid into a heating pipe mechanically. After boiling, the liquid will flow over the ground coffee, filter it and create coffee.

Is it true that the type of coffee machine you use makes a difference?

You may believe that the coffee machine doesn’t affect your coffee. However, it indeed does. You can brew your coffee in various ways using different coffee machines, which influences the finished product.

Is it worth investing in single-serve coffee machines?

Single-serve machines are more expensive than regular coffee makers. Yet, they’re well worth it if you need a speedy coffee fix and your favorite blend is ready in cup size.


Does the coffee maker really make a difference? Yes. The technology in each machine determines the coffee flavor it creates.

If you want to make your own coffee, consider some essential factors an ideal device should have. On the other hand, it’s still OK to buy a cup of beverage made by skilled bartenders from the coffee shops.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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