But first… Coffee (and Tea)

Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee to kick-start a brand new day, or to pair with a gluten free cake for a laid back afternoon treat. That’s why we worked so closely with local artisan coffee roasters, creating our own bespoke blend to fuel Filmorites throughout our stores!

Not only is our own blend of coffee made with 100% Arabica beans but it is also 100% organic, so you can sip away on your favourite coffee with the satisfaction that it is of the highest quality and reliably sourced.

Dairy free? Fear not! If you love nothing more than a milky latte (but your body doesn’t love the milk), we have a selection of dairy free alternatives to ensure you can still enjoy your favourite coffee. Choose from sweet coconut, creamy oat,  smooth almond or plant powered soya milk, all to be steamed to perfection and poured with love by our specially trained baristas. Now, all that’s missing is a newspaper and that perfect spot by the window for a little people watching… and maybe a chocolate brownie or two. Life should be full of treats after all!

Or sit back, get comfortable and savour a mindful moment of relaxation and tranquillity with a cup of our herbal infusions. These soul-warming, caffeine-free alternatives are an amazing way to refresh and top up your hydration levels, whilst tasting truly delicious too! From fresh mint with honey to lemon, ginger and turmeric - you are going to love our unique choice of blends which are made to order, with love.