At Filmore & Union we are passionate about juicing.

It is well known that consuming fruit and vegetables in their natural state provides us with substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals. However some of these vitamins and minerals can be more easily digested as a result of the juicing process.

By combining carefully selected fresh fruit and vegetables, with unique ingredients such as nut milks, prebiotics and activated charcoal, we create juices that truly nourish, energise and help you to thrive!

The ‘magic’ of our juices comes from only using fresh fruit and vegetables! No commercially prepared juice, is ever going to have the same fresh goodness. Furthermore, unlike a lot of juicing shops, we do not use frozen fruit or concentrated juices, such as apple or orange – we add nothing artificial!  We like our juices to be in their most natural form, and therefore any additions are simply unnecessary.


A Filmore & Union juice programme provides you with five carefully created bottles of nourishing juice per day. Helping to improve your mood, energy and overall wellbeing. However, we do suggest you listen to your body and if you feel the need to supplement your juices with food, advise you to choose simple, whole foods, for extra nourishment and to compliment the programme.

We believe everyone can benefit from juicing, but our programmes may be particularly appropriate if you: 

– are trying to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

– struggle to consume enough whole fruit and veg in your diet.

– are looking to supplement your existing diet.

We offer three juice programmes, GLOW, REBOOT and REST. All are available for three or five days. There is also an optional booster pack, should you wish to maximise the benefits.

Take a look….Filmore & Union Juice Programme Brochure





The GLOW programme is designed to promote skin health.

Both LIQUID SUNSHINE and ROOT GLOW are abundant sources of vitamin C, which contributes to normal collagen formation. Collagen is crucial to the maintenance of skin tissue and elasticity – helping to achieve that youthful healthy glow!

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and can reflect your overall wellness level.



The REBOOT programme is designed to support energy metabolism.

REVIVE and NUT CHAI are both a good source of magnesium, which contributes to the reduction of fatigue and promotes normal energy metabolism – so you can feel your most vitalised every day!


Your digestive system deserves some attention!

The Rest programme is designed to support gut health.

BLUEBIOTIC contains Prebiotic Inulin, a food source for the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Helping to keep our gut in balance. When our digestive systems are in check, we can feel at our total best! – Goodbye, bloated stomach!

Call in to any Filmore & Union where one of our members of staff will be delighted to explain in more detail the ordering process and provide you with more information.

Then you decide… Will it be GLOW, REBOOT or REST?