We select the highest quality, fresh produce from our local farmers and suppliers to ensure they provide the best nutrients to nourish the body and soul. Not only that, but they taste SO much more fresh, flavoursome and simply delicious – all the more reason to fuel up with Filmore!

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As a company, we at Filmore strive to serve food that is both nourishing and sumptuous in taste. We believe in eating REAL food that supplies REAL nutrition for everyday life. Absolutely everything we serve has been carefully designed to benefit your well being – whether it’s a protein packed breakfast omelette to kick start your day right or a more indulgent brownie to savour with your best friend over coffee.

We make it our mission to ensure each customer feels inspired and satisfied by our unique vitality packed menu, boasting an array of pure, seasonal and great tasting food.

As absolutely everything we serve is fresh, our ‘anytime, anything’ policy means that if you crave porridge at 3pm, we can make it for you. We will also happily amend a dish if you follow a specific diet, just talk to our friendly team about how we can create your perfect meal! Natural wholefoods are the foundation of our recipes – and if we can’t make a meal from scratch, we don’t make it at all. It’s that simple. We also pride ourselves on working closely with local suppliers, farmers and butchers - so you can not only trust the food you’re eating but know that you also supporting your community; an ethos we continue to share through out all of the Filmore restaurants!

Understanding the growing issue of eating out with food intolerances, we set out in 2012 to produce a variety of gluten, dairy, refined sugar and flour free options and we now have our own 100% gluten free bakery. Our menus cater specifically for those with dietary intolerances, we are now the go to place for eating out with special diets in mind!

We are also super proud to have been given the official Coeliac UK accreditation for our dedication and passion for catering for those intolerant to gluten! The Free From awards also awarded us a commendation for our commitment to catering for different dietary intolerances.