Seasonal Larder

In season this month…

Asparagus . Strawberries . Samphire . Baby Gem Lettuce . Blueberries . Broad Beans. Artichoke. Radish


Take a look inside of our seasonal UK larder… a collection of what we believe are the staple products for creating truly healthy and delicious seasonal dishes. Everything you see here you can buy in season within June and July from your local greengrocer or supermarket.

All are full of natural goodness to fuel the body and packed with flavour to nourish the soul.


We love ours steamed and dipped into boiled eggs… delicious


Blend into your smoothies for a sweet treat.


Add as a topping to your homemade fish burgers, a perfect salty alternative to lettuce!


Toss in a little oil and put into a griddle pan for 2 minutes, drizzle with lemon oil.

The perfect bbq side dish.


Mix with lime juice and coconut milk, pour into a mould for delicious vegan ice lollies


Blitz with rocket, garlic and lemon zest. Spread onto some wholemeal bread for a Avo Toast alternative.


Thinly slice and mix in a little oil, bake in the oven for delicious artichoke crisps.


Soak in a white wine vinegar and sugar, add to finish off your favourite dishes.A perfect pickle!

We love them on Avo Toast