Filmore Shop

Wish you could take some Filmore love back to your kitchen? Good news! We have a range of retail products which are freshly made by us each day and packaged with care in our kitchens, ready for you to buy in any of our shops and take home. Everything you see below is 100% pure and with no added preservatives or refined unnatural ingredients - they are vitality packed and bursting with flavour… perfect for a thoughtful gift to a friend or a well deserved treat to yourself!

Nut Free Pesto

Ideal for spreading on toast with eggs for brunch or stirring in to pasta, Filmore’s homemade pesto is an all round winner and absolutely packed with protein and green goodness! We make ours with sunflower seeds, fresh basil, olive oil, garlic, lemon and Parmesan - a versatile addition to your favourite meal.


Gluten Free Granola

Our homemade gluten free granola is a favourite with customers and it’s really no wonder given its deliciously sweet and nutty taste! Unlike some shop bought granola which is laden with refined sugars, ours is simply made with oats, nuts, seeds, goji berries, agave syrup and freshly squeezed orange juice. That means zero refined sugars and a lot of body loving nutrients! We love ours added to desserts, yoghurt, porridge or simply by itself for a quick pick-me-up snack. Have you picked up your bag yet?



Our famous chutney was created by our co-founder, Wil, made lovingly with apples, pears, sultanas, onion and tomato. Why not take a jar home to enjoy for a healthier alternative with friends and family - perfect with your favourite cheese and fresh bread.


Freshly Roasted Organic Coffee

Whether it’s the smell of freshly brewed coffee that gets you out of bed on a Monday morning or a relaxed brunch with friends with coffee to compliment your pancakes, our own organic blend is perfect for any taste or occasion! The rich chocolate flavour combined with the subtle cherry notes are the reason why our coffee is loved by so many of our customers   so of course, we had to make it available to take home too! Every good day starts with a coffee and Filmore’s blend is the best way to do it…


Mini Florentines

These dairy and gluten free delights are made simply with vitamin E rich almonds and protein packed egg whites, infused with fresh orange to create a deliciously crunchy, healthy alternative to the classic Florentine treat we all know and love! These mini versions are perfect for taking home with you to share with your friends and family (or to savour for yourself…)


Brownie Bites

If there’s one thing our Filmorites can’t get enough of, it’s our famous chocolate brownie! Not only are these beauties totally gluten free, they are made with the finest dark Belgian chocolate (packed with antioxidants!) and sweetened with agave syrup - a natural, unrefined sugar. Indulge the right way and bring a bag of our brownie bites home… perfect for an afternoon treat or for a quick chocolate fix!

News Flash ** Our new vegan brownies are now also available!!