Filmore Fitspiration Q & A with Brittany Rhodes

September 29, 2016 9:43 am

Filmore Fitspiration Q & A with Brittany Rhodes

Here at Filmore & Union we promote an active and healthy lifestyle, so it’s only natural that we get lots of very fit and fabulous customers at our restaurants – lucky us!

Their achievements in the world of fitness are truly amazing, so we thought it was about time we shared their stories with you.

So this month we are launching a regular Q&A feature with some of our most fitspirational Filmorites.

From personal trainers, bodybuilders and triathletes, to yoga gurus and wellness coaches, we will be featuring them all in our Filmore & Union blog.

We are kicking it off this week with Ilkley bodybuilder, the very awesome Brittany Rhodes.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your fitness philosophy

Hey Filmorites, I’m Brittany – 24 years young currently living in Ilkley. In my spare time, I compete in bodybuilding shows in the UK. Toned Figure is my category of choice within the NABBA Federation. I’m hoping to qualify for the worlds in Brazil next year. Why? Simply because I LOVE it. It takes a special mindset, discipline, patience, and consistency to compete. Bodybuilders are a special breed. We have goals that we are determined to reach, no matter what. This sport has taught me more about myself than any teacher, friend or family member ever could. It’s truly the start of an amazing journey for me and I can’t wait to see how far I can take it.

When did you catch the fitness bug and why?

I guess for me, I caught the bug two years ago and much to my delight it seems to be one I can’t shake.  It’s true what they say, this isn’t just a hobby or a passion; it’s a lifestyle and I couldn’t imagine a world without the protein shakes or the Tupperware.

What is your biggest achievement in the world of fitness?

My biggest achievement to date in the competitive sport, would be winning my first ever show – the NABBA OPEN YORKSHIRE. I’m hoping this season of competitions will bring in some more trophies too.

BUT, if I’m perfectly honest – the biggest achievement for me is finally being a woman happy in her own skin.

Who is your fitness idol?

Larissa Reiss :O :O :O she’s usually the screensaver on my phone. I have no words that can describe her.  But she’s my ‘body goals’ and #wcw every week!

Give us a snapshot of your diet

My diet is pretty bland, especially when in the cutting season – but that’s when it’s most important.

A normal cutting day would usually be:

Breakfast: 6 egg whites, 1 yolk

Meal 2:   150g white fish

          50g Broccoli

          50g Sweet Potato

Meal 3:   100g Chicken

          50g Tomato

          2 rice cakes

Meal 4:   150g white fish

          100g Spinach

 Meal 5:   140g Lean Steak

          Green salad

Meal 6:   5 egg whites

 Pre workout: BCAA

Post workout: Whey Protein Shake

What is your favourite ‘cheat night’ indulgence?
Anyone who knows me understands one thing and one thing only. I’m obsessed with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. If I ended up on a desert island and could take one food item of choice, this would be it, without a doubt – my one true love. The ONLY flavour that hits that ‘sweet spot’ is ‘strawberry & cream’. I could easily sit and pig out on a box of 12. Perhaps I shouldn’t have let you into that secret, as it’s certainly one way to win me over - total weakness for those things.

What song do you love working out to?
I like to do things slightly differently when I work out, music sometimes just isn’t enough to get me lifting those heavy weights and hitting those much needed PBs. Or try getting me through a 5am cardio session on ‘Mount Doom’ (the stair master – as it is most commonly known). I’m afraid no genre of music can cut it. Instead I find myself listening to motivational speeches. This could be anything from ‘self-belief’, ‘will power’, ‘success’ or even the ‘purpose of life’. I truly believe the mind is a very VERY powerful tool, and when used in the right way you can achieve anything.

One album I would recommend downloading is ‘Hungry for Success: Motivational Speeches & Workout Music by Fearless Motivation.

 And my all-time favourite speaker – Eric Thomas.

What is your best tip for staying motivated?
I get asked this question a lot, or I hear people say ‘Gosh, I wish I could be as motivated as you’. My answer to them is simply - YOU CAN.

Live by these 4 simple rules:

  1. Never Miss a Monday
  2. Never go 3 days without exercise
  3. Workout at least 3 days a week

At the end of the day you gotta do this for you. This is for you. This isn’t about anybody. Live for you. Honour you and never lose sight of that. So what if Sarah next door is a size 6 and eats a pizza every night. So what if Bob from the store lost 10 pounds last month. You got to focus on your own goals. What do you want out of life? Focus on yourself and never compare.

That’s probably the best advice I was every given.

What is your best relaxation technique?
When I’m stressed, the best way for me to relax is to take myself outside with one of the pooches. I usually go up to the moors and sit overlooking the amazing scenery, take some deep breaths and enjoy the quiet time.

I used to practise yoga but I found it more frustrating trying to do the poses then relaxing! Maybe I need to work on my flexibility!

Tell us why you love Filmore
What’s not to love?
On a more serious note, I love the fact there’s a healthy food place right on my doorstep – that actually uses almond milk in their coffee (a god send on prep). Not only do you guys serve the most awesome food, the staff are fantastic too!

 My favourite drink at Filmore is the ‘Almond Milk Mocha’ - OMG it’s to die for. I must have had one twice a day on my last prep, it’s just so good! And perfectly healthy! I also LOVE the pancakes. If you haven’t tried them yet, you need to. But I’ve warned you, once you try them you won’t be able to stay away! I come to Filmore, because it actually makes me feel like I have a normal life throughout my dieting. I can easily go in there and order things, tweak meals and they can cater to whatever it is I want. Not many places are able to do that with such ease.

Myself and Filmore are gonna be friends for life – my home away from home J