Supplier Spotlight: Ramus Seafood Emporium

September 8, 2017 2:33 pm

On 21–23 September 2017, we’ll be hosting Supper Club Seafood Nights at our Skipton, Ilkley, Beverley and Wetherby restaurants, serving up feel-good fish dishes for our pescatarian Filmorites (perhaps with a glass or two of fizz to perfectly accompany it!)

We like to know where our food comes from to make sure that it’s not only ethically sourced but also as fresh and tasty as possible. So, when it came to choosing a seafood supplier it was a no brainer – Harrogate/Ilkley-based Ramus Seafood Emporium!

Having recently won the Fishmonger of the Year 2017 at the Farm Shop & Deli Awards, Ramus started from humble beginnings supplying Scottish lobster to Harrogate hotels. Their passion for fabulous quality, personal customer service and great value is something they’ve focused on from day one and means they’re a dream to work with. Not only that, all of their products are sourced responsibly to ensure the next generation can enjoy the same quality seafood as we can today. We love how their values are so in line with our spirit and keep our junior Filmorites’ future in mind!

The amazing thing about cooking with seafood is how much the fish soaks up the gorgeous flavours we combine it with. One dish on our Seafood Night menu we’re particularly excited about is the Skate Wing with warm fricassee bean salad, asparagus and caper lavender dressing – YUM! As the dish consists of so many beautiful ingredients, we wanted the fish to be a fresh, tender base that the flavours could infiltrate and we knew Ramus would be able to deliver on this. Their top-quality Skate is sourced from UK waters and is similar to scallop with a firm flesh and unique texture. As well as being delicious, Skate has a high collagen content which has an abundance of health benefits from optimised digestion to revitalised hair and nails!


To see what other Ramus-delicacies will be on the menu, including dairy free options, see the image below, and don’t forget to book a table to taste them for yourself.